5 star advice from an Uber partner-driver

April 18, 2018 / United Kingdom

We asked Jasim Alshkili, a high-rated driver with the most 5 star trips of 2017 in the UK, for his top tips on how to get a high rating. Whether it’s letting your rider pick the tunes or giving them a chance to choose the route, there’s lots of little things you can do to give riders a great Uber experience.

Uber: Do you start a conversation with a rider or do you let them start?

Jasim Alshkili: It depends on the customer, if they are non responsive to conversation, I’ll leave them be.

Uber: Any tips on how to start a conversation with riders?

JA: Just ask how they are and about their day and go from there.

Uber: Is there anything you would never talk about with a rider?

JA: Politics and religion.

Uber: How do you make riders feel comfortable in your car?

JA: I try and be smiley and friendly.

Uber: What type of music do you play?

JA: Whatever the rider wants: most of them use my AUX cable.

Uber: How often do you clean the interior of your car? And is there any area you pay particular attention to?

JA: I clean it every day, and I focus on all areas.

Uber: Since you started driving with Uber, has your attitude changed?

JA: It’s made me happier when I’ve seen nice comments and feedback. So I feel overall more content.

Uber: Do you have a favourite type of trip? Like helping people on their commute or getting home safely after an evening out?

JA: I like to drive families because I feel I am great with kids which makes the parents happy. I like driving students as well because it’s fun to see them sing and dance to the music they play in my car. It’s also nice taking older people where they need to go so I can help them if they have physical disadvantages.

Uber: If you have to ask a rider to stop doing something, how do you do it diplomatically?

JA: I tell them that they can’t do what they’re doing with nice words and a smile on my face.

Uber: If something happens that is out of your control – such as traffic that may affect a rider’s journey – what’s the best way to communicate this to your rider?

JA: You just have to apologise and allow them to understand it’s an external, uncontrollable circumstance. I also ask if they have a different route they would like to travel that might make the journey quicker or easier in some way.