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You can pay for your first ride in cash!

November 13, 2018 / France

With cash payment, there’s no need to enter your debit or credit card information. Instead, you can pay your driver at the end of your ride.

How does paying in cash work?

There’s no major difference between ordering a ride with a cash or card. You use the app the exact same way and are picked up in the same way:

  • Enter your destination on the app
  • Order your ride
  • A driver will pick you up at your pick-up location and drop you off at your destination.

Once you’ve arrived, you pay your driver for your ride directly and in cash.


What if I don’t have exact change?

Your driver is obligated to give you your change. Uber’s support service is available if you experience any difficulties.


Can I use my debit or credit card once I’m onboard?

If the driver has a card payment terminal, he may propose that you pay for your ride with a debit or credit card using his terminal. The driver must nevertheless accept cash payment if you prefer to pay with cash. On the contrary, if you chose to order a ride with cash as your payment option, you must have cash on you in case your driver doesn’t have a payment terminal.


How are cancellation fees managed?

Please be informed that in case of a cash trip, the cancellation fees that might apply will be collected on the next trip that you will be ordering and the amount of the arrears will be added to the total fare. If the subsequent trip is a cash trip, your driver will collect (i) the fare for the trip and (ii) the outstanding cancellation fees related to the previous cash trip, acting on behalf of the driver whose trip has been cancelled