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uberPOOL launches in Paris: everybody’s in!

November 14, 2014 / Paris

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Uber is excited to announce the launch of uberPOOL in Paris, the second city in the world after San Francisco to offer this innovative solution.

As of today, Parisians will be able to use uberPOOL to share a ride and save up to 50% per trip.

How does uberPOOL work?


  • Select the uberPOOL option at the bottom of the app and type in your destination whilst booking the car
  • uberPOOL will match you with one or two other nearby passengers that are heading in the same direction and an uberPOP driver will come and pick you and the other passengers up
  • By using uberPOOL you can save up to 50%!
  • If we can’t match you with another uberPOOL rider, you will still get 10% off of your trip

Save even more on your rides with uberPOOL


uberPOOL, bringing shared mobility to another level

uberPOOL aims to transform the way you move around Paris. By getting more people into fewer cars we can have a massive impact on our cities. Fewer cars means less traffic and less pollution which benefits everyone.

Conditions of use

  • uberPOOL is available from Friday 14th November as of 3pm
  • Each request can have two riders, for up to four riders in total
  • uberPOOL is currently available in central Paris and at the Paris airports but we will expand the service area as soon as we can

Try uberPOOL now! If you are not an Uber user, you can sign up today and get 15€ off for your first ride by using the promo code: UBERPOOLFR

Enjoy the ride!

Team Uber France