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UberHEALTH: Beat Diabetes

April 6, 2016 / Egypt

Help us combat Diabetes!

This year for World Health Day, we have joined forces with Tabibi 24/7 to bring a doctor right to your doorstep at the tap of a button, for free!

This Friday, April 8th, from 3-6pm simply open the Uber app, slide over to UberHEALTH view, and request your doctor on demand! The aim of this visit is for healthy non diabetics to assess their risk of developing diabetes (likeliness) and how to take preventative measures against it.


There were over 7.8 million cases of diabetes in Egypt in 2015


We’re leveraging the reliability and efficiency of the Uber platform to help bring a doctor right to your doorstep!


The main goals of the World Health Day 2016 campaign are to increase awareness about the rise in diabetes, and its staggering burden and consequences, in particular in low- and middle-income countries; and to trigger a specific, effective, and affordable actions to tackle diabetes. These will include steps to prevent diabetes and diagnose, screen and evaluate your risk for diabetes



    1. Open the Uber app between 3 – 6 p.m. this Friday, April 8th anywhere in Cairo or Alexandria
    2. Select the “UberHEALTH” option on the far right of the slider
    3. Set your location and request
    4. The doctors visit is absolutely free
    5. Your Uber will arrive within minutes and the doctor will call you from the Uber to see your exact location and to confirm the location/space of the doctors visit (i.e – your home, garden, office, etc)
    6. Tabibi doctors will take a general history to assess risk of diabetes using the ADA scoring system



For all the lucky riders who are able to request a doctor through the Uber app, can expect the following to be carried out during the doctors visit:

    • Tabibi doctors will take general history to assess risk of diabetes using ADA scoring system
    • Tabibi doctors will measure RBS (Random Blood Sugar), BP (Blood Pressure), and HR (Heart Rate)
    • According to risk score, the Tabibi doctor will provide you with a script, tips, and next steps
    • After finishing the visit, a follow-up e-mail will be sent to all clients with summary of his/her scoring sheet, RBS level, BP and HR along with health tips according and catered to his/her risk status.




NGS Logo

All lucky riders who receive a visit from a Tabibi doctor will also get a complimentary gift voucher from Nature’s Gifts Store!

That’s not all, all Uber riders get a 10% discount on their next online purchase on the NGS website. Here’s how to redeem the discount:

    • Visit the NGS website
    • Select the items you want to purchase
    • Enter the promocode NGS_Uber10 on the check out page to receive your 10% discount
    • Online voucher is valid until April 16th, 2016
NGS believes that each and every one of us has the right to fresh, healthy and chemical free food that will nourish their mind, body, and soul. And they make sure to have the highest grade, and healthiest ingredients all under one roof.


Stay super and beat diabetes!


Stay healthy and ride on,

Uber Egypt Team