Uber Teams Up With HarassMap to Take Positive Action Against Sexual Harassment

October 29, 2015 / Egypt

Uber is committed to connecting riders to safe and reliable rides on the road. Our innovative technology is designed to bring accountability and transparency to every ride so you can feel safe taking an Uber. To take this one step further we have partnered up with HarassMap (under their Safe Corporates Program) to ensure we are proactively taking preventative measures towards sexual harassment. HarassMap is the leading local initiative working to end the social acceptability of sexual harassment in Egypt.

IMG_0482(stickers to be placed in cars of all trained drivers)

Uber has partnered up with HarassMap to take positive action and stand up to sexual harassment. This partnership will modify and strengthen our driver screening and training process with the aim of transforming our workplace into a zero tolerance towards sexual harassment area, or for lack of a better term, a “safe area.”


  • Every driver-partner on the Uber app will be trained on sexual harassment (recognizing, preventing, and taking positive action against it).
  • Every trained driver-partner will receive a “certificate of recognition” that he/she attended this mandatory training.
  • Every trained driver-partner will have a sticker in their car vowing to “take positive action against sexual harassment.”
  • Uber Cairo team are now better trained and equipped to apply and implement anti-sexual harassment policy to prevent, and effectively respond to, sexual harassment incidents.

 IMG_0475(driver-partner looking through the “anti-sexual harassment” section in the Uber driver manual)

IMG_0454(Certificate of Recognition given to all trained driver-partners)

The idea is that proactively tackling this issue is in the best of interest of all of us, riders and drivers, to take simple but clear steps to prevent sexual harassment. Essentially, we want us all to become role models and lead other Egyptians and multi-national corporates to join a nationwide movement for taking positive action against sexual harassment. Since launching in Cairo almost 9 months ago, hundreds of thousands of Cairenes have already embraced Uber connecting them to the safest, most reliable transportation providers in this great city. Let’s continue this trend and vow to take collective action against sexual harassment Ride On, Uber Cairo Team