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Scooter Safety Tips

January 26 / Egypt

Thinking of taking rides on a scooter? Here are a few suggestions from safety experts that you might want to read before you drive.

Road Safety Checklist

Uber introduced the road safety checklist consisting of six traffic good practices for scooters. The purpose is to help scooter drivers better understand the traffic rules for motorcycles and help ensure safe rides. Each time a driver launches the app, the checklist for motorcycles will be displayed. After confirming that the driver has read them all, the Uber app will be launched.

Helmet wearing

Uber’s Community Guidelines recommend that you find a helmet that fits properly if you’re riding a bike, motorcycle or scooter. 

Therefore, Uber partnered with AXA Egypt to provide the most active scooter drivers who use the Uber app in Cairo and Alexandria with helmets for their scooter trips. 

AXA incentive to wear a helmet?

Eligible drivers are receiving an in-app message to pick up their AXA branded helmet from a dedicated distribution location^1. 

By picking up the helmet the driver opts in to receive and complete Uber’s interactive scooter checklist including a helmet selfie verification.

According to safety experts, helmets can help protect you when worn correctly. 


^1 Offer expires in March 2022.

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