Sahel 2019: Smooth Rides and Peaceful Minds.

June 4, 2019 / Egypt

Uber is heading to your summer’s favorite destination, Sahel, to provide everyone with a hassle-free ride wherever they are headed! This year, we are aiming for smooth rides and peaceful minds.


This year will not be like any other. For the first time, UberBus will
swiftly navigate through Sahel’s coastal roads offering you a more
affordable and convenient way to move around during your busy weekends.

Being picked up by UberBus? Shade around at our many Bus Stations
distributed along the way of the Sahel International Coastal road
starting from Rowad compound and ending at Ghazala compound.


Along with your yearly go-to option, UberX will be ready with a press of a button!

Being picked up from inside a compound by UberX? When your driver
accepts your request, be sure to call your driver and tell him your
compound name, road, and villa number!

UberX cars are available 24/7 in all of Sahel.

Going through Sahel

If you happen to be in Marassi, Stella, Telal, you’re in luck!
You will be one of the first to take our Mini – Golf Carts for a spin.

Where to find us:

Pass by Stella and Marassi this EID weekend and swing your soul by the beach.
Keep an eye out for the many surprises to come.

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