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Cachet is first in Estonia to bring tailored traffic and casco insurance for ridesharing service providers.

October 4, 2019 / Estonia

Starting from 02. October 2019 (Tallinn), Uber drivers can pay respectively to the hours they drive as a ridesharing service provider and not while being offline. 

That is possible thanks for Cachet.

Perhaps you have wondered yourself, why do all drivers pay the same amount for insurance. Even though, some of them only drive a couple times a week.

Today, with thousands of partner-drivers on the ridesharing market, almost half of them are driving part-time. That has caused a situation where pricing is unfair for the one who drive part-time, next to their main job, or are driving on multiple ride-sharing platforms. 

Cachet has partnered with Uber to solve this problem and has come up with an innovative insurance offer that considers drivers hours on the road while offering the service, not while being offline. 

They are entering the market with BTA insurance and will offer 4 products: traffic and casco insurance for ridesharing driver & traffic and casco insurance for regular customer.

How does Cachet work?

  1. Start driving. Once you do, register a Cachet account.
  2. Agree to share additional information from your driving platform with us.
  3. Pick a term for your policy.
  4. Write down roughly how many hours a week you usually provide ride-hailing services.
  5. Purchase an insurance policy through Cachet.

In short:

  • Pay insurance price only when offering ridesharing service. Save up to 50%!
  • Ride at your preferred ridesharing platform and Cachet will count your hours, and you will only pay for the hours that you have driven.
  • Cachet is first and only quantity based traffic and casco insurance in Estonia.
  • Possible to drive on multiple platforms at the same time and Cachet will aggregate the info and calculate your correct price. 

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