Where to? – Uber in Cologne

April 8, 2019 / Germany

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Kölle, we’re coming!

Uber launches in the Rhine metropolis. At the push of a button, the people of Cologne can now conveniently order a comfortable ride with UberX – reliably, affordably and always with a professional driver. It is also possible to book a regular Taxi ride with UberTaxi.

The Carnival city on the Rhine

It’s not only Carnival that brings people from across the country to the city in the heart of the Rhineland. The city’s Cologne Cathedral, many other sights, and its way of life attract tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world every day. So it’s no wonder that last year alone, 300,000 people from 116 countries tried to use the Uber app in Cologne. So, for Uber, it was an obvious move to bring the most widespread mobility platform in the world has to Cologne.

Uber and Cologne

Cologne, where Nicolaus August Otto laid the foundation for the internal combustion engine and the modern car, has a long and celebrated automotive history. Unfortunately, these days Cologne is also known for its high car density, long traffic jams, and air pollution, leading to the prospect of bans on diesel vehicles.
With the Uber app, people from Cologne have an incentive to leave their cars at home and take the train into the city. Because they know that Uber will be there to take them back to the train station or all the way home in a convenient and affordable way if needed.

The advantages of UberX at a glance

The special feature of UberX is that the fare is displayed to passengers prior to the ride and does not change even in the case of a longer ride or traffic jam.

In addition, the customer is shown the driver’s profile including a photo, the license plate number, and other guests’ reviews before the ride begins. At the end of the journey, payment is made cashlessly by credit card or Paypal.

Uber and sustainable mobility

Uber is committed to sustainable and climate-friendly mobility. In many European cities, people can order a fully electric UberGreen vehicle via at the touch of a button in the Uber app. Already, more than half of the partner vehicles on the Uber platform are environmentally friendly hybrid cars, and plans to bring fully electric UberGreen to Cologne are in the works.

We are excited to be finally bringing Uber to Cologne.

Christoph Weigler, General Manager Germany

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