Uber and Berlin: A Love Story

February 7, 2013 / Berlin

You know how it goes: city meets Uber, city gets Uber, and the rest is history.

This time, it’s the other way around. Uber is getting Berlin.

Berlin, you elusive mistress
In Berlin, things are not necessarily what they seem at first. Since the day we arrived, it’s been a glorious adventure exploring the city’s nooks and corners. We spent hours in a world-class art gallery before realizing we were standing in a former wartime bunker. Stopped once for a late-night döner and ended up in a beautiful lounge hidden behind a secret door in the back of the kebab shop…

…indeed, going down isolated alleys has never before been so much fun.

Uber, the one you’ll look at twice
Like Berlin, Uber goes deep beneath the surface. Sure, we’re shiny on the outside – but in our heart, we are a simple, comfortable, and reliable way to get around the city.

Uber is just as elegant for a date night in Charlottenburg as it is easy to use when going home from a late night out in Kreuzberg. Turn our backseat into your office while en route to your next meeting. And yes, we’ll also still be around to get you to the airport… as soon as there is one. (yep, even we have bad airport jokes up our sleeve!)

Do you like us? Circle one: YES!
With our official launch, Uber will give you a brand new way to experience and fall in love with Berlin all over again. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open your UBER app (iPhone/Android), or go online at, and request a car to arrive within minutes
  2. Don’t waste time waiting outside in the cold: you can see exactly where your driver is and you’ll get an SMS notification when your car is arriving.
  3. No cash on hand? For once, not a problem! All payments are processed directly in the app and your receipt is emailed to you instantly.

You can find details about our rates and service area on our Uber Berlin City Page. We are amazed and humbled by the support and enthusiasm shown by our early riders and we’re excited to be providing a service that is getting Berlin fired up.

New to Uber? Use the promo code ‘uberlovesberlin’ for €20 off your first ride in Berlin (valid for new users only). After you ride, we’d love to hear what you think! Email us at:

Here’s to Berlin!

Uber on,
Team @Uber_Berlin