Züri Fäscht – Enjoy Zurich’s summer festival for the whole family

July 4, 2019 / Zurich

Photo © Zürich Tourismus

Züri Fäscht, the festival for the whole family, returns to the city from July 5th to 7th. Expect exciting carnival rides, live music, food stalls and fireworks. And with the Uber app, you can stop worrying about how you’ll get home after the party.

Share the joy

Did you know that you can split the costs of your ride with your friends directly in the Uber app? If you’re out and about with friends or family, simply add the promo code FAESCHT in the app menu under “Payments” before you order your next ride, and you get 10 CHF off your next 3 trips, if you use the “Split fare” option on each ride.

Here’s how to split the costs of your ride

After entering the code, simply request your trip as per usual, then open the ride menu at the bottom of the screen, tap “Split fare” and select the friend you’d like to share the cost with. Enter the promo code before each ride request to make sure you profit from the offer.

Enjoy Züri Fäscht!

Please keep in mind: The promotion code is only valid for trips in Switzerland for which the “Split fare” feature is used in the Uber app to share the cost of the trip. The promotion is valid until June 2020, within the limits of the available codes, for a maximum amount of 10 CHF per ride. With the promotion code FAESCHT, users receive 10 CHF for their next 3 Uber trips, on which they use the “Split fare” feature in the Uber app.