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Starting A Limousine Service With The Right Knowledge

March 28, 2018 / Zurich

Ermin has ventured into self-employment and made his dream of owning his own chauffeur service come true. We asked him what he learned along the way while building his company.

Ermin, since when have you had the desire to build your own chauffeur service?

“I’ve been passionate about driving since I got my driver’s license. I’ve wanted my own chauffeur service ever since I realized that I can earn money doing what I like. It must have been in early 2017. After that, everything went pretty fast.”

What is your plan for the next few years?

“I haven’t made a concrete plan for the next few years yet. I can’t plan further steps until I have the resources to do so. My goal is to always offer the best possible service. My customers should experience the difference to the competition and I strive to go above and beyond to make sure they receive excellent service.”

How did you finance the start of your limousine service?

“I worked hard for a long time and gave up a lot in order to save enough money for my car. Getting passengers through the Uber app helped me a lot, especially in the early days. At some point I had enough together to buy my dream car. However, I had to sell it again to finance the first vehicle for my limousine services. With the Mercedes S-Class I can offer my customers the best comfort, and I have never regretted this step. With the fleet function of the Uber App it is possible for me to have other drivers work for me and to build my business.

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What advice would you give people who also want to start their own business?

“It is really important to be sufficiently informed about the rights and obligations of self-employment. Setting up a limousine service is not easy, but can be done with the right knowledge. I recommend the Uber app especially for the initial period. The number of passengers that you get with the help of the app is large. If you dare take the step into self-employment, you must always be fully involved and always keep your goal in mind. You have to be sure it’s right for your personal situation.”

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