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Inline Skating: Also possible in Mountainous Switzerland

March 28, 2018 / Zurich

Andrea is passionate about sports.  Of all the many sports he practices, inline skating is his favorite. We asked him why he found this sport fascinating and what his most popular routes in and around Zurich are.  

Andrea, how long have you been inline skating and how did you come into this sport?

“I’ve been skating for three years. I came to this sport because I lived right next to the inline skating trail around Lake Greifensee and I often saw young and old people skating on the way. I got an old pair of inline skates and started my first laps around the Greifensee. After one year I found such joy in it that I bought professional inline skates, with which I am still skating today.”

What makes inline skating so special for you?

“Inline skating has a lot of good qualities for me: The feeling of flying when you go down the mountain or the contact with nature. I also love the feeling of fighting the wind, which makes skating forward more and more difficult. Inline skating is just like any other individual sport: you have to overcome your inner obstacles and drive off to experience great moments. Nothing comes from nothing.”

What advice can you give beginners to help them become good skaters?

“I would recommend everyone who starts inline skating begin with small wheels. They are slightly slower than large wheels, but they offer the best agility, the lowest standing height and therefore the best stability. As soon as you feel safer, roll sizes between 82 mm and 84 mm can be selected. The sizes starting from 90 mm can be used as an experienced skater. If you have chosen the right skates, one of the most important exercises is to practice braking. I wouldn’t really start skating until it makes you feel safe.”

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How do you combine your hobby with your driving activity?

“In addition to a number of other sporting activities, inline skating is my greatest passion. I like to invest time in my hobbies. When the sun is shining and I want to skate around the lake, I can just do this, and then go on the road as an Uber driver-partner again if I want.”

Which are your favorite routes in the Zurich area?

“In my opinion, the circuit around the Greifensee is the best place to learn and practise inline skating, but also to simply ride. The track is 19 km long and specially signposted for skaters. There is a very good skate park directly at Sihlcity. The Freestyle Park Zurich is suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. Another good circular route is the loop route at Zurich Airport. This course is part of the Pink Ribbon loop route through Switzerland and Germany. If you are skating on this route, you can register in advance at and enter the number of kilometres you have skated. This serves to increase awareness of breast cancer. If you only want to do a small lap, you can also do this very well along Lake Zurich. Starting at Bürkliplatz, just follow the lake towards “Enge Hafen.”

Andrea’s favorite routes:

Circuit around Greifensee

Freestyle Park Zürich

Circular route Zurich Airport

Small lap around Lake Zurich

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