Experience the magic of Christmas with UberToys

December 11, 2018 / Switzerland

When you’re a kid, the best part of Christmas is the toys. And if there’s one toy that never goes out of style, it’s the toy car. So, what could be better than a life-sized toy car? This holiday season, Uber brings you UberToys!

From December 16th to 18th, six life-sized toy cars rolled through through the streets of Zurich. During this special stunt, Uber teamed up with Theodora Stiftung, a charity that makes hospitalized children smile again, so that all may enjoy the holidays.

Little cars, big dreams.

Our UberToys will take you back to childhood in the blink of an eye. Discover them.

How can I access UberToys?

Enjoy a free ride in a life-sized car! 6 UberToys* will be made available on your Uber application.

* This is not a PHV offer.
  • How can I access UberToys*?
  • When and where is the offer available?
  • Can children ride? Will there be child seats?

Help us share the magic of Christmas 💫

During this special stunt, Uber will donate 1 CHF  to Theodora Stiftung, a charity supporting hospitalized children and their families, for each THEODORA promotional code entered by passengers in their Uber application. You won’t be billed for the donation and you can enter the code no matter where you are in Switzerland without ordering a ride. Limit one code per user.