Driver Announcements

Many drivers. Even more stories.

June 20, 2018 / Switzerland

It all starts with a single click.

Your driver arrives, you open the door, and slide into the backseat. Your ride may last no more than twenty minutes. And yet, you catch one another’s gaze in the rearview mirror. A conversation begins. A human connection is created. You reach your destination, and the story ends there.

What if, just once, it went on for a little longer? Each and every driver has his own stories to tell, so we set out to meet a few of them.

Meet Yahia, a café owner who greets his patrons as warmly as his passengers; Jennifer, a young woman passionate about vintage cars; Roland, a life-long mountain lover; or even Jasin, a motorcycling enthusiast in his spare time.

Today, they share their stories.

Yahia, a driver with a true sense of service

Yahia’s sense of service has been fine tuned thanks to his 13 years of experience serving customers in his café in Geneva. Whether in his café or in his car, he welcomes his clients with the same passion.

Jennifer, a vintage car fanatic

Jennifer is passionate about vintage cars. So much, in fact, that she started “Feed Good Vibes,”
a company that transports passengers in vintage vehicles around town, alongside her work as a professional driver. The way she sees it, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Roland, a life-long mountain lover

Roland has always loved the mountains. His favorite thing about using the Uber application is that it gives him plenty of independence and flexibility to enjoy nature.

There are thousands of stories above and beyond these ones, those of the men and women who, for length of a single ride, share a small part of their lives with you.