Introducing paid waiting time

May 15, 2019 / Switzerland

Waiting is frustrating, but life is unpredictable, so there can be valid reasons for being a bit late. To ensure that the Uber experience stays fair and convenient for everyone, we are introducing paid waiting times on May 17. So if the driver-partner has to wait for your arrival at the agreed pick-up spot because you are a few minutes late, an additional fee will be added to your bill. This helps driver-partners use their time more efficiently, while you can rest assured that your ride won’t be cancelled and that your driver-partner waits for you should you ever be a little late to arrive at the pickup point.

How are wait time fees charged?

As soon as the driver-partner has arrived at the agreed pick-up location, you will be informed as always, but now you’re notified, that with a lapse of 3 minutes, the fee-based waiting period begins. Paid waiting time starts 3 minutes after your driver has arrived at the pickup location. It’s charged at 0.30 CHF per minute in Zurich and at 0.35 CHF per minute in Basel.

For example, if a driver in Zurich waits for their rider for 5 minutes, the waiting time will be billed for 2 minutes, or 0.60 CHF in addition to the costs of the ride.

Through implementing wait time fees, we hope to improve your experience by avoiding cancelled rides.