As the largest mobility platform in the world, we know that our impact goes beyond our technology. We’ve made a commitment to operate a zero-emission platform globally by 2040, and in Canadian cities with supportive policies—like Montreal and Vancouver—by 2030. 

That’s why we’ve signed on to Electric Mobility Canada’s 2030 EV Action Plan. The 2030 EV Action Plan is an industry-led project of Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) and is intended to ensure Canada succeeds in the transition to electric mobility.

One of the ways we are going to achieve a zero-emission platform is by helping drivers on the Uber platform go electric. In a recent survey of drivers in Canada, we found that 71% are interested in switching to an EV. This is significant as we know that these drivers drive more than the average person, meaning every one that switches to an EV has an outsized impact on putting green kilometers on our streets. But we also know that it can be challenging for drivers to make a big decision like transitioning to EV. That’s why so much of our sustainability efforts have been focused on supporting drivers in making the switch from gas to EV. 

  • Zero Emissions Incentive – Drivers of fully electric vehicles are eligible for the Zero Emissions incentive, which lets them earn an extra $1 on every trip with Uber.
  • Uber Green – If you drive an EV or a hybrid on the Uber platform, you’re automatically opted in to Uber Green, a low-emission ride option. On each trip with Uber Green, you’ll earn an extra $0.50, which is paid by riders when they select Uber Green as their ride option. This $0.50 is in addition to your extra earnings from the Zero Emissions incentive.
  • Awareness – Earlier this year, we partnered with Plug’n Drive, a non-profit committed to accelerating EV adoption. Plug’n Drive is creating and offering webinars as well as hosting test drive opportunities for drivers. This will give drivers the opportunity to learn about the total cost of owning an EV and the benefits of making the switch from gas to electric.
  • Charging stations – Last fall we announced a partnership with Greenlots, a member of Shell Group, to create three new charging stations in Vancouver to increase EV charger access exclusively for drivers and delivery people on the Uber platform. It will offer discounted rates to make public charging more affordable than charging at home. These three charging stations will be live later this year. Earlier this year, we teamed up with FLO, Canada’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging network and provider of smart charging solutions, to make electric mobility more convenient and accessible for each network’s users by offering drivers on the Uber platform discounts on FLO HomeTM charging stations and FLO members Uber Green discounts and sign-up incentives. And just this week we announced a partnership with Wallbox, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions worldwide, to simplify the transition to EVs for drivers by providing a discounted package for a Wallbox Pulsar Plus charger and installation.
  • Access to EVs – Last year, we announced a partnership with Louelec which is a company that rents electric vehicles with affordable, flexible and all-inclusive short-term subscriptions. Louelec is displayed on the Uber app for drivers to easily access a variety of electric vehicles.
  • EV Calculator – Launched last fall to help inform drivers on the cost of ownership, subsidies available, and local benefits when making the transition. 

The road to zero emissions requires transparency and being accountable for progress year after year. We are the first mobility platform to measure and report on emissions so we can take action to improve our performance.

Going green is truly a team sport, and we’ll continue to do our part at Uber to reach our sustainability targets. But we can’t do it alone. Progress towards a fully electric platform is best achieved in cities where we partner across the ecosystem. These partnerships will continue to be vital in delivering our common goal for a cleaner, greener future.