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Reminder of your regulatory obligations

October 12, 2020 / Canada

Vehicle inspection requirements

All mechanical inspections must now be completed at an SAAQ Road vehicle inspection agent (click “Mechanical inspection” then “Light vehicle” to view available garages).

Vehicles that have driven less than 80,000 km and are less than 4 years old do not require a mechanical inspection. 

Vehicles that have driven more than 80,000 km and/or are 4 years or older require a vehicle inspection when that threshold is met. A vehicle inspection is subsequently required every 60,000 km or 12 months after the previous inspection, whichever comes first. 

Vehicles that are more than 8 years old will require a mechanical inspection every 6 months. 

Additionally, before taking your first Uber trip of the day, you’ll need to personally conduct a basic inspection of the vehicle you use for providing such trips. The inspection will include checking your vehicle’s tires, lights, brakes, and more. You can keep a record of your basic inspection by filling out this form

Other vehicle requirements

Your vehicle must meet the following conditions:

  • Be a sedan or station wagon type
  • Have a wheelbase of at least 261 cm or, in the case of a low-emission automobile, at least 256 cm;
  • Be equipped by the manufacturer with at least 4 safety belts;
  • Be equipped with a seat belt extender compatible with the automobile’s seat belts;
  • Have a solid roof;
  • Be 10 years old or newer, by model year; and have at least 4 side doors.

Sticker requirements

Local regulations require now you to display 2 different stickers on your vehicle:

  • An Uber sticker that you should already be displaying on the passenger side of your rear window.  The Uber sticker should only be displayed when you are online. If you do not have an Uber sticker or need to replace yours, please click here
  • A new government accessory (sticker) that will show that your vehicle is used for remunerated services. This accessory will be shortly mailed to you by the SAAQ. You can still take trips while you wait for your SAAQ sticker. The accessory will cost you $17.40. This amount will be soon deducted from your earnings.

Taking trips without your stickers can result in fines.

Your safety is a top priority

We must all do our part to reduce COVID-19 cases, but we know some trips are important. Know that your safety and the safety of others using the Uber platform remain a top priority. You can find more information about our COVID-19 safety measures on our website.

New measures to help keep you safe and healthy:

  1. Everyone—all riders and drivers—must wear a mask when using Uber. Our Mask Verification technology helps ensure everyone is following this policy.
  2. Follow 3 simple steps on every ride:
    1. Wash or sanitize your hands
    2. Wear a face cover or mask
    3. Air out your ride
  3. We are providing health and safety supplies to drivers

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