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Uber for Business announces corporate expansion of Uber One in Canada

August 2 / Canada

As the workforce continues its efforts to bounce back from the pandemic, employers are laser-focused on providing employee benefits that prioritize well-being and connection. Organizations are also embracing new, flexible work models for a diverse set of employees with new expectations and unique needs.

​​According to the Society for Human Resource Management, hiring recovery continues to be a priority in 2022, fueled by a revamping of the employee experience to give job candidates what they want.

In order to support a new workforce that expects more flexibility and meaningful benefits, businesses will need to be more mindful than ever in how they’re supporting and retaining talent and attracting prospective employees. Operationally, that means thinking creatively when it comes to benefits and perks—including commuting, meal and grocery delivery, and elevated business travel experiences. 

That’s why Uber for Business is rolling out Uber One on its platform in Canada. Now Canadian companies can offer an Uber One membership to their employees as an added benefit and employee perk. A new product for enterprise customers, Uber One lets employees at home, in the office, or on the road go nearly anywhere and get nearly anything with Uber and Uber Eats. 

With Uber One, businesses can enhance their employee benefits package with access to rides, meals, and local deliveries with Uber, making everyday life easier. Companies can also layer Uber One on top of an existing meal or rides program through Uber for Business—such as a recurring lunch stipend or commute allowance—to maximize the value of these programs. 

The benefits of Uber One apply to personal and business orders, so they’re available to employees whenever, wherever. The subscription offers employees access to:

  • $0 Delivery Fee for eligible orders across food, grocery, and more1 
  • Member pricing, including 5% off eligible rides, deliveries, and pickup orders—meaning dollars go further with membership2 
  • Elevated experience, including top-rated drivers on rides and $5 in Uber Cash if our Latest Arrival estimate (shown after you place your order) is wrong3
  • Exclusive perks, like special offers and promotions, plus premium member support and invite-only experiences

As rides and meals with Uber are some of the most-expensed items for businesses, we know that employers want to customize programs with Uber for their company, while being able to manage employee accounts from a single dashboard that provides a full-service, streamlined administrator experience. 

Whether your company is looking to boost employee morale and productivity, aid in talent recruiting and retention, amplify benefits and perks packages, or elevate the business travel experience, Uber One can help your organization achieve your business goals today. To learn more about how your company can get started using Uber One, click here.

1Benefits available only for eligible stores marked with the Uber One icon. $15 minimum order to receive $0 Delivery Fee and 5% off from eligible restaurants, and $40 minimum on eligible grocery and non-restaurant stores to receive $0 Delivery Fee, where available.

25% off does not apply to grocery and other non-restaurant orders. Taxes and fees, if applicable, do not apply to order minimums. 5% off rides benefit does not apply to cancellation fees or to rides booked 30 minutes or more in advance

3$5 credit is based on the Latest Arrival estimate, determined once you place your order, and will expire after 7 days. $5 credit only applies to orders from eligible restaurants and does not apply to orders delivered by a store. Benefits only apply in Canada. View terms and conditions.