Partner With Uber Toronto For Your Next Event

June 27, 2012 / Toronto
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In case you guys and gals haven’t noticed, Uber loves events. We love going to them and working with them. Most importantly, we love seeing the amazing pictures and hearing the amazing stories that come from adding Uber to the mix. That’s why we’re rolling out Uber events. A way for you to share events that you feel are a great fit for Uber.

Let’s Partner Up!

Uber is always looking for amazing causes and events to partner with! If you have a charity event, benefit, gala, birthday party, Model Train Club bi-weekly meeting, or Chocoholics Anonymous group that you feel would be a good fit for Uber, tell us about it!

You can submit your event sponsorship requests here!

Benefits of Partnering with Uber to Enhance your Event

Stylish, safe rides and a clean, reliable service for your guests. Every guest will feel like a VIP.

How We Partner with Events

Every event is unique. Uber will an make offer that suits your event’s needs!

A Few Notable Uber Partnerships

Motionball “Marathon of Sport”
When we were given the opportunity to work with Motionball for their annual Marathon of Sport, we were very excited. As sports fans who believe in an awesome cause, it’s hard to find one better than supporting our Special Olympic athletes. This was an amazing event to be a part of. A fun filled day of sport, and more smiling faces than you could count.



The Power Plant “Power Ball Quarter-Life Crisis”
The Power Ball was easily one of the most unique parties in Toronto. Toronto’s most notable from the fashion, arts, and culture scene were in attendance and everyone took the time to soak in bizarre art, sip a few cocktails, and enjoy some good company, all while raising money for The Power Plant.


Toronto Underground Market
Hassel Aviles has helped change the culinary landscape in Toronto by giving upcoming, DIY chefs the opportunity to test the waters with their unique culinary creations in an awesome setting. In turn, Torontonians have been exposed to a new world of creative eats. Monthly TUM events allow foodies and friends to share some exceptional food experiences and TUM itself has gained a huge cult like following as a result.