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COVID-19: Information for new c driver activations

April 20, 2020 / Ottawa

As cities respond to COVID-19, more people are staying home, government agencies are closing temporarily, and many restaurants are switching to delivery-only. This means a few things: account activation is delayed at this time and it may take longer to get on the road. And once you do, you may experience fewer trip requests, so earnings may be lower than usual if you choose to give rides only. After you’re activated, you may want to consider delivering with Uber Eats in addition to offering rides, if available in your city.

Activation information for new drivers

As of April 12, 2020, account activation may still have delays for new Ontario drivers, so we’re providing important information all in one place to help you in the meantime.

1. Guidance for activation requirements and documentation

You can find minimum requirements for driver documents here.

Your requirements

Driver’s licenseStatus: Processing time may be delayed

Your vehicle requirements if you’re driving or delivering with your own car

Vehicle registration Status: Processing time may be delayed
Vehicle insuranceStatus: Processing time may be delayed
Safety Standards CertificateStatus: Processing time currently delayed

2. Guidance for new driver eligibility verification

New driver background checkBackground check: criminal and driving history check through a third party vendor

Status: Background check processing may experience delays. Additional Vulnerable Sector Check is required to be obtained directly from a local police station which may be subject to redecued office hours or closures.

3. Guidance if you’re looking for support

Online SupportBased on the advice of public health authorities, we have temporarily closed all Uber Greenlight Hubs until further notice. While Uber Greenlight Hubs are closed, you can always get support online at Uber’s Help Center.

Questions you may have