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Get paid $15 for returning lost items

September 13, 2018 / Canada

Uber riders have been known to leave all types of things behind in a driver’s car, including items as common as a phone or wallet and obscure as a bridal veil or college diploma.

No matter what is left behind, one common thread exists: that frantic call from a rider who has left their beloved item in your car. Most riders want their possession back ASAP, but delivering a return can cut into time you could be using to complete trips. And although some riders compensate their driver for returning a lost item, this has never been a guarantee.

To help ensure your extra effort is rewarded, we facilitate a $15 reimbursement from rider to driver, once an item has been returned. After your rider has received their lost item, just follow these simple steps to redeem your cash:

  1. Head to the Help tab of your Driver app and select Trip Issues and Adjustments.
  2. Tap I found a lost item.
  3. Select I returned a lost item to my rider.
  4. Fill out the details and submit. Payment takes 3 to 5 days.