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Don’t forget to check your ride

January 11, 2018 / Edmonton

Stay safe with Uber

People across the country use Uber to get from point A to B everyday—whether it’s for the daily commute to work or for game day at the local stadium.

When riding with Uber, it’s always important to make sure you get into the right car and stay safe throughout the trip. Here are some tips for whenever you ride:

  1. Stay inside until you’re ready to go: The beauty of Uber is that you can push a button and request a ride while you’re still indoors. No need to hang out at the curb—you’ll be notified when your driver is arriving.
  2. Check the details: After you request a ride, the app displays the driver’s name, photo, licence plate, and car model in the app. When the car arrives, double-check the information. When you get in the car, your driver should confirm your name. If not, you can ask the driver to provide his or her name and confirm it before getting into the vehicle. Remember, you can only request a ride with Uber by using the app, so never accept a ride from someone offering a ride home without arranging it through the Uber app.
  3. Help your friends out: If you’re with someone using Uber to request a ride who may be intoxicated, help them double-check the driver and the car before they get in the vehicle. Or ride home together and split your fare.
  4. Share your trip status: By tapping the “Share status” button, you can immediately share your trip and vehicle update with a friend or a family member. Meeting up with friends? They can watch your trip in real-time to anticipate your arrival. Or share it with a friend or family member so they know you get home safely after a night out. 
  5. Keep that party locale private: Uber’s cross-street feature lets you enter your cross streets as a pickup or drop-off destination instead of your address. When you’re entering your pickup and drop-off location, type in the two street names. If your cross streets aren’t populating or you don’t know what they are, you can enter your exact address and then move the pin in the map to your desired location before you request. 
  6. Use common sense: Uber is an easy way to make sure that everyone has a way to get home. There is no need to share personal information with your driver or fellow POOL riders. If something doesn’t feel right, follow your intuition. And if you’re ever in an emergency situation, always call 911 immediately. 

Remember, if you’re ever going to be drinking, plan ahead with Uber or a designated driver to ensure a safe ride home. Check out more safety tips to ensure a smooth ride.