Riders love being able to push a button and get a ride quickly. But not everyone loves sharing their address with someone they just met in order to get that ride. In fact, many riders have told us over time they prefer not to share any personal information when they Uber. Their feedback: it would help them feel safer and better protect their privacy if the address could remain private.

But how do we get people from A to B without sharing what A or B might be?

Enter cross streets, a product update that allows riders to enter in their cross streets as a pick-up or drop-off destination. We’re expanding this option to every city across the US so that riders who don’t want to share an address- or may not know their exact location- can choose not to.

How it works:

  • It’s easy: When you’re entering your pick-up or drop off location, type in the two street names (for example: Van Ness & Broadway). Pro Tip: If your cross streets are not populating or you don’t know what they are, you can enter in your exact address and then simply move the pin in the map to your desired location before you request.
  • Voila! Your driver will pick you up or take you there.

There are other features in place to help people keep their information private when riding. For example, Uber anonymizes riders’ and drivers’ phone numbers so they can contact each other without sharing their real digits. That means if they need to connect to arrange a smoother pick-up, they can easily do so through the app. And if a rider ever reports an issue with a trip, we do not disclose his or her identity with the driver when we review the situation further.

Cross streets give riders another choice about how they want to Uber – and hopefully more peace of mind along the way.

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