Delivery Partner Surge

August 7, 2019 / Canada

A new feature to help you make more money when it’s busy

You’re ready to go online to make deliveries for restaurants. How do you maximize your time?

We want to help remove some of the guesswork because we know your time is valuable. So, we’re introducing surge, which enables you to earn more for your deliveries during periods of high demand. For example, if there’s a lunch or dinner rush, or if lots of people are ordering in due to the weather, you can check the Uber Driver app for surge zones to get the most out of delivering with the Uber Eats app.

Let’s get into the finer details:

The surge heatmap

Surge happens in real time. Surge areas are represented by a colour and a corresponding dollar amount. Red signifies busier areas with the highest surge amounts and the lighter colours signify areas with lower surge amounts. However, if you don’t see surge areas it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not busy. It may just mean that there are a good amount of delivery partners online to help keep up with delivery requests from restaurants.

You get the higher surge amount

To help ensure that you don’t miss out on earning opportunities, the higher surge amount between the restaurant’s pickup location and your location at the time you accept the restaurant’s delivery request will be applied to your delivery. For example, if you accept a delivery while in a $6.50 surge zone but the restaurant is in a $3.50 surge zone, you’ll get the higher of the two amounts.

Check your surge earnings

Surge doesn’t replace other promotions you may be enjoying, such as Boost or Quest. When surge applies to a delivery, the surge amount shown in your Uber Driver app will be included as an additional amount in your delivery fee from the restaurant. The Uber Service Fee will not apply to any surge amount that is included in your delivery fee.

You can check your surge earnings in a couple of ways. First, the surge amount will be indicated on the accept screen in your Uber Driver app when you accept the delivery request. Second, when you complete a delivery with surge, you can see the surge amount in the fare breakdown of your trip details.
We’re just getting surge out into the world, so if you don’t have it in your location yet, you’ll be notified when it becomes available. If you have additional questions, browse through FAQs below.

Delivery Partner Surge FAQ

Delivery partner surge is not available in all cities.