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March 12, 2021 / Canada

It’s no surprise that ordering meals for delivery is popular. In 2020, demand for food delivery grew exponentially as consumers began staying home and working remotely due to COVID-19. By January 2021, meal delivery sales were growing 164% year over year. 

As businesses look to have employees return to the office, mealtime will present a host of new challenges. According to a recent survey, 68% of workers say they will avoid eating at restaurants during lunchtime when they return to the office. In the meantime, ordering meals for delivery with Uber Eats—to an office building or an office at home—can help keep employees productive and customers engaged. 

What is Uber Eats on Uber for Business?

With Uber for Business, companies can use the Uber Eats platform to provide meal solutions for employees, customers, and more. This includes ordering meals for delivery to an office, contributing to a corporate meal program, delivering snacks during a virtual event— Uber Eats can help in whatever ways work best for your business. 

Keeping employees safe is crucial, and ordering food for delivery is just one way to do that. To ensure the health and well-being of users, including restaurant partners and delivery people, Uber Eats has implemented a number of features and policies. You can learn more about them here

3 ways to use Uber Eats on Uber for Business

You can use Uber Eats on Uber for Business in your company in 3 main ways: 

  • Meal programs: In the Uber for Business dashboard, create a new meal program and add employees. They can then order using their business profile in the app, letting them automatically expense meals within policies set by your program admin. Read how GoodRx did this to support employees working from home. How it works: Invite employees and define rules such as expense codes, spending allowances, delivery locations, delivery times, pickup locations, and alcohol restrictions.
  • Vouchers with Uber Eats: Use a voucher to provide a discounted meal or a credit to use on Uber Eats. Set parameters to ensure that the credit is used at a certain day and time, and only pay for what’s used. How it works: Enable Vouchers in your Uber for Business dashboard, then set program rules like monetary amount, number of users, and start and end dates. Distribute to recipients. 
  • Gift cards: Give a gift card so recipients can spend it on either Uber Eats or rides. The Golden State Warriors chose to send gift cards to stay connected to their close partners and members during 2020. How it works: Send digital gift cards, available in your Uber for Business dashboard, by text, email, or print. Physical gift cards are available through our sales team. 

Why use Uber Eats on Uber for Business?

Chances are, your employees already use the Uber Eats app for ordering meal delivery. Adding Uber Eats to your workplace offerings can boost employee and customer engagement, drive sales, and help keep employees safe.

  • Employee engagement: As employees continue to work remotely, businesses are looking for new ways to keep their workforce engaged. Rewarding employees or providing teams with meals or regular meal programs is one great way to drive relationships, encourage collaboration, and bring teams together.
  • Meal variety: With more than 500,000 restaurant partners, from Starbucks and Chipotle to local options, Uber Eats can offer your employees, clients, and potential customers a wide variety of reliable meal choices. And they’ll have the opportunity to support local businesses at the same time. 

How can businesses use Uber Eats on Uber for Business?

Whatever your business needs, Uber Eats on Uber for Business can help. Here are some of the most popular ways to use Uber Eats:

  • Employee meals: Create a meal program for employees to regularly order food on the Uber Eats platform, whether they’re working remotely or in the office. Employees working together can add their selection to a group order for simplicity. 
  • Virtual events: Use Vouchers to let attendees order a meal during the event. 
  • Client and team meetings: Send potential customers, regular clients, or employees a voucher to order food during a meeting for an extra-memorable experience. 
  • Promos and incentives: Drive sales, engage customers, and increase purchase amounts using incentives.  
  • Employee morale/appreciation: Show appreciation for employees or boost morale with a voucher or gift card for Uber Eats. 

To get started, activate an account with Uber for Business. Once you’ve confirmed your account details and signed in, you can add a default payment method and link your account to an existing expense system, if applicable. 

No matter your goal, Uber Eats on Uber for Business can help keep your team and clients happy, fed, and productive. Learn more about Uber Eats on Uber for Business