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Helping to keep people on bikes safe on the road

May 13, 2019 / Canada

Committed to safer roads for everyone

We believe safety is more than just technology and we continue to work tirelessly to support riders, drivers, and people on bicycles. In partnership with Share the Road Cycling Coalition, these are tips for riders and drivers to help raise awareness of bike safety in Canada.

Safe pickups and dropoffs

If you’re dropping off or picking up a rider near a bike lane, remember that it’s illegal in many cities to stop in or block the bike lane. People on bikes appreciate a clear bike lane and a safe space to travel. Stopping in a bike lane creates a safety hazard to people on bikes, who must then merge with moving vehicle traffic to go around cars. Instead, you may wish to carefully pull to the side of the travel lane, into a parking lane, or a street without a bike lane.

Here are a few safety tips when driving with Uber:

Whether you’re riding in a car or on a bike, we want you to stay safe

When exiting a vehicle, remember to keep an eye out for people on bicycles and get in the habit of using the Dutch Reach.

By piloting new in-app safety features, we’re working to do more with technology to help everyone on the road stay safe. In some cities, anytime you’re on a ride that’s scheduled to drop off near a bike lane, your app will now alert you with a reminder to exit the car carefully.

The Dutch Reach: how to exit your ride carefully

The Dutch Reach is a simple technique that can encourage you to look over your shoulder when getting out of a car.

Step 1: When your trip is over, use your hand furthest from the door to reach for the handle

Step 2: With the movement, let your head twist toward the window

Step 3: Take this opportunity to look over your shoulder for people on bikes and scooters

Step 4: When the coast is clear, safely exit your ride

Here are a few tips when riding with Uber:

Helping to keep people on bikes safe

Uber is working in partnership with Share the Road Cycling Coalition. Click here to learn more about the organization.