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5 driving tools to upgrade your ride

January 17, 2018 / Canada

To improve your day-to-day, sometimes all it takes is a small purchase to make a big impact. Based on driver feedback, here we recommend some of the best tools and gadgets that can help make driving more comfortable, more enjoyable, more relaxed, or all of the above.

5 affordable accessories that will upgrade your driving experience

Keep things hands-free with a Bluetooth kit
You don’t need to have a brand-new car to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth. It can be helpful (and safer) to take calls or control your music while keeping both hands on the wheel. With some kits, all you need is an aux-in jack for setup.

Keep your coffee handy (and hot for hours) with an insulated travel mug
Nobody likes lukewarm coffee or tea—or hot chocolate, for that matter. These days, there are many insulated travel mugs on the market that will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for hours. We recommend zeroing in on one that’s also leakproof.

Keep your phone where you can see it with a reliable phone mount
Phone car mounts aren’t hard to come by, but ones that are out of the way, solid, and easy to use are a little harder to find. We recommend spending a little extra (around $25) to get one that works for you and your car layout. Pro tip: Magnetic options allow you to grab and go quickly while CD slot designs keep your dashboard clear.

Keep your view clear with a rain-repellent windshield coating
We’ve all been there—it’s pouring down rain and it’s almost impossible to see the road ahead. With a windshield coating, you can easily prepare yourself for whatever Mother Nature has planned.

Keep your rear view clear, too, with a backup camera
Just like with Bluetooth, you don’t need the latest car model to enjoy the convenience of a backup camera. There are affordable options that will bring an added level of security to your driving experience.

We hope this list helps upgrade your ride, whether you’re on a road trip, on your way to work, or driving a passenger to their destination.