Since we switched Uber Pool back on in Sydney last month, Sydneysiders have been embracing our most affordable ride wholeheartedly. 

In light of its popularity and the positive feedback from riders and driver partners, we’re excited to announce that we are expanding Uber Pool to Western Sydney and additional new Sydney service areas.

We know that low cost transport can be a bit of a pain point when you live or work in Sydney’s West, are visiting family or are going to watch a game at the Olympic Stadium. That’s why, from today, we’re bringing our most affordable ride to those travelling to, from and around suburbs such as Ryde, Epping, Liverpool, Parramatta, Hurstville, Strathfield, Fairfield Bankstown, and also Dee Why. 

By providing people with the option to share a journey with those heading in the same direction at a similar time, Uber Pool helps people share the cost of their journey. 

In fact, since Uber Pool launched in Sydney, in addition to the savings riders have made, they have avoided an extra 6.3 million kilometres being travelled on Sydney’s roads.

Here’s a recap of how Uber Pool works:

1. Request your trip 

Once you’ve entered your destination, select the Uber Pool option. While it’s currently not mandatory to wear masks while using rideshare in Sydney, we are asking that you confirm that you’ve taken necessary hygiene precautions, such as washing your hands, before requesting a Pool trip.

2. Walk to your pickup spot

For faster pickups and to help keep detours to a minimum, you may be asked to walk a short distance to a pickup spot near you. 

3. Share the journey, share the cost 

You’ll get matched with riders heading the same way with Uber Pool. For the moment, we’ve capped the maximum number of riders you may be matched with at 2 instead of 3 – so there’ll always be space between you and any other person in the vehicle. You can still request up to 2 seats in a Pool, but an additional fee will apply and you and your friend must be getting picked up and dropped off together.

4. Head to your destination

You’ll be dropped off as close to your destination as possible and if necessary, the app will provide you with walking directions to your chosen destination.

We’re proud that Perth and Sydney are amongst the first cities in the world to be in the position to switch Uber Pool back on. We look forward to offering more affordable rides that ease the burden on our road networks as our Cities continue to reconnect.