Almost 12 months ago, we asked people to use the Uber app only for essential travel and suspended Uber Pool in Perth. 

Now, thanks to Perth’s success in tackling COVID-19 and alongside easing restrictions, we’re ready to bring back Uber Pool, our most affordable ride. 

Uber Pool is an option that makes it easy for people heading in a similar direction at a similar time to share the journey, and share the cost. With Pool, we can help cut congestion, reduce emissions over time, and make transport more affordable.

With the new Perth Pool though, we’ll be capping the maximum number of riders you may be matched with at 2 instead of 3 – so there’ll always be space between you and any other person in the vehicle. You can still request up to 2 seats in a Pool, as long as you and your friend are getting picked up and dropped off, together.  

Riders will also be asked to confirm that they’re feeling well and have taken hygiene precautions before requesting a Pool trip. 

With congestion a major concern in Perth, an innovative solution like Pool can help ease the burden on Perth’s road network and reduce congestion. It also offers riders an even more affordable way to get from A to B if public transport isn’t a viable option for that route.

Here’s how it works. 

  1. Request and wait for your pickup spot

Enter your destination and request Uber Pool. Confirm you’ve taken hygiene precautions like washing your hands and that you’re feeling well. Then, wait a couple minutes while your trip is matched with other riders heading in a similar direction.

  1. Walk to your pickup spot

With Uber Pool, you may be asked to walk a short distance to a pickup spot near you – simply follow the in-app walking directions. This helps keep detours to a minimum and pickups faster for everyone. 

  1. Share the ride and the cost   

Uber Pool matches you with other riders heading in a similar direction. When you share the ride, you also share the cost. (An additional fee applies if you take a Pool trip with an extra passenger). 

  1. Walk to your destination

You’ll be dropped off close to your destination. You may need to follow walking directions in the app for a short walk to your chosen destination.