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What is uberX?

Ride-sharing has revolutionised the way people move around the city. UberX launched in April to give Sydney a safer and more affordable ride and it’s been a huge success. Riders love the reliability, convenience and choice that uberX gives them. Drivers love the technology too and are joining the Uber platform to turn their spare time and empty seats into some extra money for things that matter to them – saving up for medical school or a wedding dress.

For people who live in areas where public transport is not convenient and for people who do not own cars, uberX is a safe, reliable and affordable option (30 – 50% cheaper than a taxi!) meaning they are leaving home more often to shop, wine and dine. Uber also reduces the incidents of drunk driving in the cities where we operate. In Seattle, we estimate that the entrance of Uber caused the number of drink-driving arrests to fall by more than 10%.

Partner with Uber & Raise

$250 for Cancer Council NSW

(Plus earn at least $850 in your first weekend)

  • For a limited time, when you sign up and complete 20 uberX rides as a driver we will donate $250 to Cancer Council NSW (and you also get a $250 incentive!)
  • Drive during at least 20 of our peak hours across the weekend, and $30 per hour in fares is guaranteed.
  • Mention you were referred by CCNSW!

Simple as that, you’ll make $850 or more on your first weekend driving with uberX, and you’ll earn $250 for your favourite charity.


  • You drive your own car (must be 2005+ or newer with 4 doors.)
  • You must be 21 years or older, with an exemplary driving history
  • You agree to a criminal history check
  • We require you to hold compulsory third party (CTP) plus third party property insurance, which we supplement with US$5M of commercial coverage
  • No fees to join: pay a small fee to use the driver app on each ride
  • iPhone provided by Uber
  • Go online whenever you want to accept trip requests! You set your own schedule.
Rider requests a pick up.
Rider requests a pick up.
Driver accepts request and picks up the rider!
Driver accepts request and picks up the rider!

HOW MUCH CAN YOU MAKE SHARING RIDES IN YOUR CAR? Ride costs are calculated automatically and we charge the rider’s credit card for you. There’s no need to carry cash. You’ll receive your funds every week via direct deposit.

Minimum Fare $8
Surry Hills to Double Bay $11-15
CBD to Watson’s Bay $20-26
North Ryde to Airport $55-70


Demand for rides is very high in peak hours, so we guarantee you will make AT LEAST $30/hr in fares if you are online in these times (subject to conditions below). peak_hours_sydney For example, if you were to drive 40 hours a week during peak hours, you will make AT LEAST $4800 in fares each month!* *Conditions

  • Online for 5+ hours in a week, Monday-Sunday.
  • Accept 90% of ride requests (you’re only offered rides nearby).
  • Complete at least 1 trip per hour. Easy!
  • Online in the core service area. The busiest suburbs. See map.
  • If your fares, excluding any road tolls, are less than $30/hour during specified peak hours, we will pay you an incentive for joining and supporting the Uber network.

WHAT ARE EXISTING DRIVERS SAYING? “I don’t have to wear a uniform, I can be in my own car which makes me much more comfortable.” “It’s like an independent job… it’s great for side income.” “You can make a day of it, you can squeeze it into a few hours.” “Interaction with customers is a great way to meet people and see Sydney.” Questions? Visit help.uber.com.

  • 2-8pm Wednesday
  • 10-3pm Saturday

Office Address: Suite 2, 52 Queen St, Beaconsfield


Ride uberX on Daffodil Day and we’ll donate $1 from every trip to Cancer Council NSW.

Cancer Council NSW is a community funded, community focused charity dedicated to the defeat of cancer

Cancer Council Ph: (02) 02 9334 1900