Feedback has always been an integral part of the Uber experience. However, our research shows that riders are more likely to report experiences that make them feel uncomfortable while they are on a journey, rather than afterwards.

Whether you’re in a rush to catch the sunset at Bondi beach or on route to meet friends for drinks in Fitzroy, reporting incidents such as your driver manoeuvring dangerously around traffic or driving too fast may not always be top of mind. 

That’s why, to provide riders with added peace of mind when travelling from A to B, we’re launching our On-Trip Reporting feature. 

From today, Aussies will be able to report non-emergency safety issues through the app on a trip, instead of waiting until after the trip has ended.

In the in app Safety Toolkit, riders will see a “report safety incident” option (accessed by tapping the blue shield icon). This will enable them to report a non-emergency safety issue on their journey and will prompt a follow up from Uber’s Safety Team after the trip. For emergency situations and urgent safety issues, riders and driver-partners should contact emergency services by using the Emergency Assistance button in the app.

Not only will On-Trip Reporting encourage people to share feedback at a convenient time, but every piece of feedback enables us to pinpoint issues that can help make the platform safer for everyone. 

Safety is at the heart of everything we do here at Uber. That means developing innovative solutions that reduce barriers to reporting, such as those in our suite of in app safety features, to help make the Uber platform safer than ever before.