Update Friday 31 July: Following announcements of masks or face coverings being required across the state of Victoria, the below measures and policies will be expanded statewide from 11.59pm Sunday 2 August. 

Driver and delivery partners in Melbourne are providing a crucial service, from helping essential workers get around to delivering meals to people staying home. To support them and the community stay safe, we’re introducing new mask measures across Uber service areas in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, and the Mitchell Shire. 

In line with updated government laws, from 11.59pm tonight local driver and delivery-partners, will have to wear a face mask or covering when driving or delivering on the platform. The same policy will also apply to riders using the Uber app. 

As announced last week, we’ve already begun distributing up to 860,000 single use face masks to active driver and delivery partners to use across Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and the Mitchell Shire. 

As a further measure, we are adding a new Face Cover Check technology to help confirm that driver and delivery-partners are wearing a face cover or a mask before they can start using the Uber app. 

Beginning tomorrow, before a driver or delivery partner can go online in the Melbourne area, they will be asked to confirm that they’ve taken certain safety measures and are wearing a mask or face cover. New technology will verify if the driver is wearing a mask by asking them to take a selfie. After we verify the driver is covering their face, we’ll let the rider know via an in-app message. 

We’ve also built a similar checklist for riders. Before every trip, riders must confirm that they’ve taken precautions like wearing a face cover and washing or sanitising their hands. In an effort to help limit the spread, we’re also advising riders in Melbourne and surrounds to only use Uber for essential travel. 

Driver-partners will be able to cancel a ride without penalty if their rider is not wearing a mask or face covering. And if a driver shows up without a mask on, the rider can cancel the trip without penalty too, and report the issue to us via the app via Uber’s two-way feedback system.

The well-being of all Australians who use the Uber platform is a top priority and we have a dedicated team working around the clock to support them the very best we can. Over recent months we have distributed tens of thousands of disinfectants and sanitisers to those using the Uber and Uber Eats apps.  This includes access to free Dettol health and hygiene kits, through our partnership with Reckitt Benckiser (RB).

We are also sharing advice from public health authorities on how to wear masks and face coverings, as well as providing information on how to sanitise touchpoints in vehicles and food delivery bags.