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Brisbane (BNE) Airport

Information for drivers

Riders at BNE can request Uber when leaving the airport. Learn how to receive trip requests from riders at Brisbane airport and cash in on the action.

Brisbane Domestic and International Terminals

General Information

Uber has designated pick-up zones at Brisbane Airport.

  • There are separate Uber pick-up zones (signed as ride-booking, pre-booked express) for the domestic and international terminals
  • Drop-offs should be made at the public passenger drop-off area as normal. The Uber zone is for pick-ups only
  • Driver-Partners need to register to receive pick-up requests from BNE, but not for drop-offs.
  • The Airport has a specific waiting area in the Airpark for driver-partners to queue in whilst waiting for trip requests
  • Driver-partners will need to enter the Airpark via Smithy Way and wait in the “Ride Share Vehicles parking spaces.
  • When you enter the waiting area (via Smithy Way) you will be placed in a virtual queue, which means you will receive trip requests on a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) basis
  • This system has been designed to help ensure driver-partners who have been waiting in the queue the longest receive requests first.

Before you can pick-up

Register for Airport Trips

Before you’ll be eligible to receive trip requests from riders at BNE you’ll need to have completed the registration process:

  • You will need to provide your tag number (for Brisbane Airport Access Fees to be charged to)
  • You will need to accept the conditions of the Brisbane Airport Corporation Ground Transport Driver Partner Licence

If you do not have a tag, you can order one through Linkt

Rides from Brisbane Airport

How pick-up requests work

Uber driver-partners may wait for ride requests at the designated waiting area only. You will generally not receive an airport request outside of this waiting area.

Here's how it works:

  1. Enter the designated Airpark waiting area (indicated in green on the below map)
  2. When you receive a trip request check if you rider is requesting from the domestic or international terminal
  3. Proceed to the correct pick-up zone as indicated on the map, (look out for signage indicating ride-booking, pre-booked or express pick-up)
  4. Enter the pick-up area through the boom gate. You will need to have registered your tag and have credit available on your tag for the gate to open
  5. Once you are in the pick-up zone collect your rider as normal. If your rider incorrectly heads to the public pick-up point we suggest politely asking them to proceed to the designated Uber pick-up zone, as Uber pick-ups cannot be made from the public area.

Navigating Pick-Ups

When you reach either of the terminals, you will need to drive through a boom gate to enter the pick-up zone (please ensure your tag is registered and has credit available or the gate will not open).

When you leave either of the pick-up zones, your tag will be charged for the amount of time you have waited. The standard charge is $3.90 for up to 10 minutes, which will automatically be added to your riders fare and subsequently be reimbursed to you.

Domestic Terminal

The Uber pick-up zone at the domestic terminal is located between the taxi rank to the left and the public passenger area to the right. Follow the signage for the pre-booked, ride-booking pick-up lane.

International Terminal

The Uber pick-up zone at the international terminal is past the ramp where taxi's and the public pick-up from. You will need to proceed down the ramp and to the left to enter the boom gate. Once you have entered the area follow the signage around to the ride-booking, pre-booked pick-up area. Watch the Brisbane Airport Information video to learn more.

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I lose my place in the FIFO queue if the rider cancels?

No, you will not lose your place in the queue if your rider cancels. However, you may lose your place in the queue for any of the following reasons:

  • You do not accept a trip request
  • You end or cancel a trip request
  • You leave the airport area
  • You go offline.
Will I know my position in the FIFO queue?

Yes, you will generally be able to view your position in the FIFO queue when you are waiting at the Airport. This is an approximation to help you decide if you wish to wait in the Airport area or head elsewhere to receive trip requests.

Are there bathroom facilities available?

Yes, there are bathrooms available in the Airpark area. Please be considerate of others and keep the facilities neat and tidy and free of litter.

Will I still get other trips if I am in the Airport queue?

To minimise your waiting time at the airport and to keep Uber as reliable as possible in the surrounding suburbs you may at times receive a request from the surrounding area. These trip requests can be accepted as normal.

What is the best time to wait at the Airport?

This can differ across the week depending on flight arrival times. We recommend checking information made available from Brisbane Airport on flight arrivals to choose when you wish to wait at the Airport and maximise your chance of receiving trip requests.

Do I need funds on my Linkt Tag to enter the pickup zone?

Yes, Brisbane Airport Corporation requires you to have sufficient funds on your tag to enter the pick-up zone. If you have no funds on your tag, the boom gate will not open for you.

To ensure sufficient funds, you can set up auto payments with Linkt here. If you have manually added funds, it can take up to 24 hours for this to be processed and for you to be ready to continue making airport pick-ups.

I have two cars, can I use the same tag?

If you have two cars that you drive on the Uber platform you can use the same tag in both vehicles for Airport pick-ups. If you prefer to have one tag per vehicle that is also fine, as you can have multiple tags connected to your account.

If you share your car with someone else, you cannot share tags. Every driver-partner needs to have their own tag, which is individually registered to conduct Brisbane Airport pick-ups.

What if my rider cancels when I am on my way to pick them up?

If you get a rider cancellation when you’re already on your way to the terminals, you will be eligible to receive another trip request within the next 8 minutes. If you do not receive a trip request during this time you will need to return to the waiting lot.

What if I don't have a tag?

You will need to have a registered tag to complete pick-ups from BNE. You can obtain a tag from Linkt (we recommend also setting up automatic top-up). Note that you can still complete drop-offs without registering an e-tag.

How long can I stay in the AIRPARK waiting area?

The maximum free wait time in the AIRPARK is 1 hour. If you have not received a trip request within the first hour you will need to exit the AIRPARK through the boom gate and then re-enter to avoid being charged a parking fee. If you do this you will not lose your position in the queue.

How long can I stay in the pick-up zone?

The maximum time you can stay in the pick-up zone for $3.90 is 10 minutes. If you cannot locate your rider in the pick-up zone we recommend calling them via your Driver App. Note that if you are in the pick-up zone for longer than 10 minutes a higher fee will apply as signed on exit. The rider will only be charged the standard $3.90 fee, so we recommend only staying in the pick-up zone for up to 10 minutes.

What if I incur additional fees?

You will be reimbursed the $3.90 pick-up fee that will be added to your riders fare. Unfortunately, any other fees incurred from staying longer than 10 minutes in the pick-up zone, or longer than 1 hour in the AIRPARK (without re-entering) will be at your own expense and cannot be charged to the rider.

What if my rider cancels when I am in the pick-up zone?

If your rider cancels and you have already entered the pick-up zone, exit and return to the AIRPARK and you will be first in next in queue for the next request.

If this happens, you can notify us via online help so that the $3.90 Access Fee can be reimbursed to your Uber account. Please note that Uber will not be able to reimburse you more than $3.90 even if you were in the pick-up zone for longer than 10 minutes.

Where can I get more help?

You can contact Uber's 24/7 customer support team online at,directly through your Driver App or visit us in-person at the Uber Brisbane Greenlight Hub.

How does short trip protection work?

Now if you get a short-distance trip* from BNE, we'll hold your spot for 6 hours, so that you can return to the same virtual queue and get another trip quickly. If a trip is eligible for short trip protection, we'll let you know in the app before you accept the trip.

*To be eligible for short trip protection, you must be waiting in an airport queue for at least 15 minutes. Short trip protection is valid for 6 hours at the same virtual queue and remains in place even if you go offline or do other trips before returning to the airport's queue. Airport short trip protection distance radius is subject to change.

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