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Drive your way – Introducing the Women Rider Preference feature

May 10 / Australia

If you’re a woman or non-binary driver-partner, you now have more choice in how you earn on the Uber app.

We recognise the unique challenges that can impact earning opportunities for women and want to help unlock these barriers, to allow you to achieve your own financial goals. 

We’ve heard the feedback from many women and non-binary driver-partners, who have expressed a preference to only receive trip requests from women riders.

This is why we are launching Women Rider Preference, a feature which gives women and non-binary registered driver-partners an opportunity to express the preference to only receive trip requests from women riders when they are online with the Uber app.

This feature can give you extra peace of mind when driving during optimum earning hours, such as in the evening.  Empowering you with more confidence to earn anytime, anywhere and allowing you to improve your earning opportunities.

What if the rider isn’t a woman? 

When the preference is turned on, the app will attempt to match you with women riders. However, if you find at pick-up that this is not the case, you may choose to cancel the trip without it affecting your cancellation rate. Simply choose the ‘I selected trips with women riders’ cancellation reason. 

Remember, the Uber community is incredibly diverse

This feature is designed to give women and non-binary driver-partners more choice on the trips they accept. It is always important to be respectful of all users on the Uber app and to comply with the Community Guidelines. 

Have questions?
Our support team are here to help, you can get in touch with us on 1300 091 272.


  • How can female or non-binary driver-partners update their gender details to get access to this feature?
    • To update your gender, go to the Menu section of your Driver app (tap on the three bar icon at the to left corner) and then:
      • Select “Account”
      • Go to “Security and Privacy”
      • Go to “Gender Identity”
      • Tap the pencil icon to update your gender details.