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Take care of your team with commute and meal benefits

November 7, 2022 / Australia

Although we’ve adjusted to navigating work amid a pandemic, many companies are still facing a challenge: how to prioritise employee flexibility and well-being. Not only do individuals benefit, but organisations are also helped collectively. As companies balance in-office, remote, and hybrid models, this is easier said than done.

One of the key ways businesses are meeting their teams’ diverse needs in the new landscape of work is through unique perks and benefits. In a competitive market, it pays to go above and beyond for your people, whether you’re helping them get to the office or feed themselves.

With Uber for Business, you can do all this and more. Our powerful platform helps your company supercharge its perks and benefits, keeping your people engaged and ready to perform.

Breathing new life into the commute

Employees are no longer satisfied with the twice-a-day grind of commuting. By providing rideshare offerings as part of your company’s perks, you can lessen the typical woes of getting to work. No more sitting in traffic behind the wheel, dealing with road rage, struggling to find parking, or waiting for the bus. You can also provide alternatives to personal vehicle usage or company-sponsored shuttles at any time of day or night. 

Uber for Business empowers companies of all sizes to customise commute programs that are dependable, sustainable, and affordable. Subsidise all or part of the program and manage everything—including employee policies, payment options, and expense tracking—from one dashboard

Not interested in a full program? Use Vouchers to give employees flexible ride options and you pay only for what gets used.

Feeding employees wherever they are

A meal delivery program through Uber Eats is another way to cater to employee needs, whether they’re working in the office or at home. Using the Uber for Business dashboard, you can easily set parameters around budget, delivery locations, days and times of use, and expense codes so your people eat well while staying within company policy. 

From restaurants to grocery stores, your employees get variety with access to thousands of merchants on the platform. They can also use the web or the Uber Eats app to order meals, schedule deliveries in advance, or create group orders for team meetings, off-sites, and more. 

For increased flexibility, Vouchers for Uber Eats provides the same pay-as-you-go model as the Vouchers program for rides, with single or bulk services. Vouchers allow employers to create spending limits on orders, monitor costs and gain insights into overall usage. Whether you’re treating employees who are still working remotely or providing a one-time reward for a job well done, using Vouchers is a great way to show appreciation.

Uber’s commitment to safety

Companies can encourage social distancing and boost morale with a meal program that allows employees to order food on Uber Eats. Uber prioritises the safety and security of everyone who uses the platform. Driver background checks, 24/7 emergency assistance for couriers, and a rider Privacy Center are just a few of the many initiatives that make up Uber’s robust safety program. Learn more here.

Let Uber for Business be your benefits partner

Uber for Business has a variety of solutions to help you take care of your employees, whether it’s taking the stress out of their commutes or giving them one less meal to cook. Learn more about how the platform can help you support the people who matter most to your business.