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Nominating someone to deliver for you

February 3 / Australia

We understand that flexibility is important for you, which is why you can now use the Supplier Portal to delegate deliveries to someone else. 

Opt in to delegation ->

Here’s how it works

Add delegates

The person who delivers on your behalf is called a ‘delegate.’ To nominate a delegate:

  • Go to the ‘Drivers’ tab in the Supplier Portal
  • Select ‘Add driver’ and complete the fields with their name, email address and mobile number
    • If your delegate has an existing Uber Driver account (even if they no longer use it to accept deliveries), please note that they  will need to provide you with a different email address and mobile number to create their delegate account
  • The individual you nominated will receive an email invitation to create an account as your delegate
  • They’ll need to complete certain requirements like identity checks for safety reasons
  • You’ll be able to track the progress of their signup and help them submit their documents via the Supplier Portal
  • Once their account is active, the status will be visible in the ‘Drivers’ tab of the Supplier Portal
  • You’ll need to list all vehicles used by you and your delegate(s) on the Supplier Portal – you can then assign each delegate a vehicle and schedule their online time
    • For safety reasons, your delegate will also need to provide a copy of the vehicle registration for the vehicle that they intend to use on the Uber Driver app

Schedule online time

Whenever you want your delegate to accept deliveries on your behalf, you can schedule online time for them using the Supplier Portal. Please remember to follow the Community Guidelines and ensure your delegate is well rested when they deliver.

To schedule time for your delegate(s): 

  • Go to the ‘Schedule’ tab in the Supplier Portal
  • Select a driver and click a time on the calendar to add a slot
  • You can schedule multiple hours for up to two weeks in advance
  • During a scheduled time, your delegate will be able to go online and accept deliveries on your behalf
  • Delegates will not be able to go online using their delegate account outside of scheduled time

Please note that your delegate will qualify for the same deliveries as you. If you have opted into ‘Pack & Deliver’, they will also receive ‘Pack & Deliver’ requests.

Payments for delegated deliveries

It’s your responsibility to decide the payment terms between you and your delegate. The payment for services provided by delegates on your account will be made to your bank account using the normal payment method and you are responsible for paying your delegate. 

  • Go to the ‘Payments’ tab in the Supplier Portal
  • You’ll be able to see your balance accumulated from the beginning of the week until the day and time you’re checking the data (note: there might be a data lag of up to 3 hours); it represents the sum of the earnings generated by you (if you deliver) and your delegates and already excludes payouts, refunds, expenses, and any other payments
  • At the end of the week, the final balance should be equivalent to what gets transferred to your bank account the following week
  • You can click the **Settle with drivers** button to view a breakdown of earnings by delegate and contact the delegate by email or phone

Please note your tax position may be impacted as a result of this delegation arrangement. You should contact your tax advisor for any advice specific to your circumstances.

Accessing reports

The types of reports and information available for the selected period are:

  • Trip Activity: Contains the details of the trips completed by your delegates, such as the name and contact information of the driver, vehicle, addresses, types of service (trips or deliveries), and trip status (completed, canceled, etc.).
  • Driver Activity: Contains completed trips, online time, and time on-trip for each of the delegates.
  • Driver Quality: Contains the total completed trips, acceptance rate, cancellation rate, and star rating of each of the delegates.
  • Payments Organization: Contains the details of your account balance inclusive of all delegates, including earnings and collections. 
  • Payments Driver: Contains any payment-related details for each delegate during the specified period.
  • Payments Transaction: Contains any payment-related transactions during the specified period.

It’s all about trust

You’ll be responsible for your delegate, so if your delegate breaches the Community Guidelines, you and your delegate could lose access to your respective accounts.

Arrangements with your delegate

The arrangements you make with your delegate are up to you. However, it’s important that you make sure your delegate is treated in accordance with the law. In particular, this means they: (1) should be paid for their work in accordance with applicable laws; (2) should not be made to work against their will, or by the use of force, intimidation or threats; (3) should not be at risk of being a victim of modern slavery or human trafficking; and (4) should not be subject to any inhumane treatment.