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Nominating someone to deliver for you

February 28 / Australia

We understand that flexibility is important for you, that includes deciding when to work and what trips you want to take, which is why now you can nominate someone to deliver on your behalf.

How delegating works

The person who delivers on your behalf is called a ‘delegate.’ Your delegate must first have an active delivery person account with Uber Eats in order to deliver on your behalf. They can be someone who already delivers with the Uber Eats app, or someone who’s interested in getting started.

If they’re new to Uber Eats, they’ll need to sign up and undergo a background check to create an active delivery person account. This is to make sure all delivery people on the Uber Eats platform meet the local requirements for the area where they choose to deliver.

Once they’re activated, your delegate can complete deliveries on your behalf at any agreed time using your account.

Let us know about each delegate

If you wish to nominate a delegate, you’ll need to tell us beforehand by using the nomination process. This is an important step because unauthorised account sharing is against the Uber Eats Community Guidelines and can lead to you losing access to your account – . You can let us know by using the link below.

You must let us know about each person you ask to perform deliveries on your behalf.

It’s all about trust

You’ll be responsible for your delegate, so if your delegate breaches the Uber Eats Community Guidelines, you and your delegate could lose access to your respective accounts. 

They’ll also have access to the personal information in your account, including bank account information and trip history.

Arrangements with your delegate

The arrangements you make with your delegate are down to you. However, it’s important that you make sure your delegate is treated in accordance with the law. In particular, this means they: (1) should be paid for their work; (2) should not be made to work against their will, or by the use of force, intimidation or threats; (3) should not be at risk of being a victim of modern slavery or human trafficking; and (4) should not be subject to any inhumane treatment.

Payment terms 

Your delegate will be able to see the payment for each delivery in your account. It’s your responsibility to decide the payment terms between you and your delegate. The payment for services provided on your Uber Eats account will be made to your bank account using the normal payment method and you are responsible for paying your delegate.

Please note your tax position may be impacted as a result of this delegation arrangement. You should contact your tax advisor for any advice specific to your circumstances.


If your delegate doesn’t already have an active Uber Eats delivery person account, they’ll need to pass a criminal background check, have the right to work in Australia, and meet any other applicable safety and legal requirements. This may include passing an online bicycle safety test if they plan to use a bicycle to deliver. 

To deliver, your delegate must: 

  1. Be at least 18 years of age. 
  2. Have the right to work in Australia .
  3. Pass a criminal background check (unless they already have an active delivery partner account). 
  4. Have no more than one pre-existing partner account with Uber. 
  5. Have never had an Uber account deactivated. 
  6. Be insured, licensed, and registered to drive their vehicle of choice in accordance with local laws (if applicable).

How to nominate a delegate

To nominate a delegate, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the ‘Opt in to delegation’ link below.
  2. Select ‘I wish to opt into delegation’.
  3. Wait for a confirmation email (up to 24 hrs).
  4. Read and agree to the Delegation Addendum.
  5. Once we’ve confirmed your eligibility, you’ll be provided access to the delegation portal via email where you’ll provide the following details:
    • After seeking their consent, enter your delegate’s full name, email address and phone number. If your delegate already delivers with the Uber Eats App, use the same email address and phone number associated with their delivery person account. 
  1. If your delegate already delivers with Uber Eats, they’ll receive an email invitation. If they’re interested, they’ll reach out to you asking for your account details. 


  1. If your delegate has never delivered using the Uber Eats app, they’ll need to create an active Uber Eats delivery person account. You can refer your delegate to sign up with the Uber Eats app. To learn more about referrals visit our referral help page.
    • Once your delegate has completed their sign up and passed their background and rights to work checks, you’ll be able to delegate work to them if and when you choose.
      Keep in mind that it may take up to two weeks for their account to activate.
  2. Going forward, you and any delegate that uses your account will need to verify themselves whenever using the app. We’ll send out a verification link after you’ve successfully opted in.
  3. To remove delegates, please use the delegation portal to let us know.