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Lost Items

October 11, 2018 / Australia

Have you left something behind in an Uber?

We encourage riders to make a habit of ensuring they have all their belongings with them before hopping out of an Uber. However, we understand that sometimes items are left behind accidentally, so we’re here to help you track down an item you may have left in a car. Here’s how:

For lost items

The best way to track down an item is to call the driver-partner immediately. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Uber app and tap on the Menu (☰) on the top left corner.
  2. Select ‘Your Trips’ and scroll to the trip where you think you may have left an item behind.
  3. Click ‘I lost an item’ and select ‘Contact driver about a lost item.’
  4. Read the lost item information, then enter your mobile number and tap SUBMIT. From here, Uber will call the number you enter to connect you directly with the driver-partner.

If the driver-partner answers the phone and confirms that your item has been found in the car, simply arrange for this item to be returned to you by coordinating a mutually convenient time and place to meet.

Please consider the driver-partner’s schedule, as they may need to take time out to return the item to you.

Lost a phone?

Head to and log into your Uber account on your web browser. Instead of entering your phone number, simply enter a family-member or friend’s phone number.

Can’t contact the driver-partner?

If you haven’t been able to connect with the driver-partner, let us know in-app or via this online support page.

From here, Uber will call the driver-partner on your behalf to ensure they check their car thoroughly. We’ll then inform you whether the item has been found. If the item has been located, we’ll help coordinate for the item to be returned to you.

While there is no guarantee your item will be found in the car or returned to you immediately, we’ll do our best to help you track down the item.

Contact Uber Support

Contact the Uber Support team about a lost item using the link below.