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Introducing Spotlight – making it easier to connect with your ride

November 8, 2018 / Australia

We’re always looking for ways to make pickups as seamless as possible, but we know that in crowded areas or at night, there are still times when it can be tricky for riders and driver-partners to find each other.

That’s why we’re introducing Spotlight, a new app feature that makes it easier to connect with the right ride.

With Spotlight, riders hold up their phone, which lights up with a colourful ‘Spotlight’ as their driver approaches. The driver sees this same colour in the app, so they know they have the right rider.  

Here’s how it works:

  1. After requesting a ride, a rider will see a button in the bottom right corner of the app which they can tap to use Spotlight
  2. Once the driver is approaching the pickup point, the rider’s phone screen will light up with their personalised colour
  3. Drivers will get a message letting them know that their rider is holding up a colour on their phone.
  4. The rider holds up their phone so their driver can see their coloured ‘Spotlight’, and hops into their driver’s car after confirming they have the right ride, and driver

In other cities around the world, this new app feature is lighting up the night to connect riders and drivers so they know they have the right ride, so look out for this fun new feature in your app.

These improvements join existing features that help improve the pickup experience, like in-app messaging and letting riders edit their pickup location. Stay tuned for more features and updates.

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