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Becoming a more attractive employer with customised travel for the new workplace

March 21 / Australia

As business begins to reopen across Australia, many employers are facing the task of creating a workplace environment that’s attractive.

Whether you’re setting up new hybrid work plans or have a structured plan in place, you can make it easier for your employees to get where they need to go by offering a customised travel program. Whether your teams are commuting to and from the office, heading out to the airport, a work meeting, or an evening event, you can make your company more attractive to employees by offering a program they can benefit from.

By providing your employees with Uber trips (whether that’s partially or fully funded), you’re offering an alternative, safe and reliable means of transportation. This gives workers peace of mind and perhaps a more enjoyable commute to the office. 

The new Uber for Business dashboard gives you control and flexibility to set ride modes, invite eligible employees, monitor spending, and more. 

Uber has recently launched some new travel features to help make working life easier. Here is what’s new:

Melbourne Airport Kerbside pick up

Melbourne Airport is the first in Australia to adopt Uber PIN technology, significantly reducing wait time for arriving passengers. The new technology matches passengers with the first available ride ready and waiting at a dedicated pickup point which is now right outside the main terminal. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the Uber pickup zone. Exit the terminal 1, 2 or 3 and head toward the designated Uber Pickup Zone right outside Terminal 2 (check the app for details)
  2. Request a ride. Once you’ve requested a ride, you’ll receive a 6 digit PIN number and directions through the app. You can also look for Uber signs at MEL that point to the designated pickup area.  
  3. Give your PIN to the next available driver ready and waiting: Present your PIN to the next available driver before you enter the vehicle. 
Uber for Business Dashboard

Admins can seamlessly manage billings, control account access, gain visibility into spending, and more. Here’s what’s new:

  • Dashboard redesign: The dashboard has been updated with a more intuitive interface, helping Uber for Business administrators access and fully use all of the platform’s products and solutions. 
  • Consolidated statements: Newly revamped monthly statements can provide a breakdown of costs by product, service, and tax to ensure your financial management is simplified.

Uber for Business has helped many companies implement commute programs through its range of rideshare options. As the country adjusts to the new hybrid workplace, safety still remains a top priority. 

If you’re new to Uber for Business or would like to learn more, contact us to find out what the best travel solution is for your company.