An elevated Uber experience is landing at Melbourne airport, with new PIN technology and a new pick up area set to reduce wait times and deliver a smoother and safer experience for riders and driver partners alike. 

Melburnians, and visitors to Melbourne, will be the first in Australia to benefit from the airport tech, following its successful roll-out at major airports worldwide. In addition, travellers will also benefit from a newly designed pick up area directly outside Terminal 2, making embarking on the final leg of their trip even easier.   

Uber’s PIN technology has been specifically designed for high volume environments like airports. With PIN, driver-partners will be at the Uber pick-up zone for riders when they exit the terminal. Riders simply request a ride in the Uber app, and then give their driver-partner a PIN before hopping in, rather than requesting and locating the right driver-partner once they arrive. 

PIN has previously been launched at 10 major airports globally, including New York-LaGuardia (LGA), Portland (PDX), Chicago (MDW), San Diego (SAN), and New Delhi (DEL), and has also been used at major events such as the Australian Grand Prix. At these airports, we’ve seen PIN deliver a 40%-50% reduction in traveller wait time, and the overwhelming majority of riders and driver-partners surveyed prefer the PIN tech experience. 

Travellers at Melbourne will continue to benefit from all the usual Uber app features, including an upfront price before they confirm, GPS tracking, 24/7 customer support and seamless payment. 

Riders will also be able to use the Share My Trip feature to share their trip with up to 5 trusted contacts – whether that be to let family know they’re on their way home, or to let a colleague know they’ll make that meeting on time!

Uber’s PIN technology will be in place at the Terminal 2 pickup zone for UberX from mid December, ready for those flying into the garden state for the summer holidays. There will also be another Uber pick-up location at Terminal 4. Travellers requesting Premier, Comfort, XL or Assist on the Uber app will be able to request a trip from a dedicated Uber pick up zone at either end of the Terminal 2 pickup zone, or at Terminal 4. 

How PIN works for UberX riders at Terminal 2

  1. Request an UberX trip to receive a 4-digit personal identification number (PIN).
  2. Walk to the UberX pickup zone in front of Terminal 2, and either go to the first available car or, at busier times, join the queue.
  3. Share your unique PIN with the driver-partner. Verify vehicle and driver partner details before you get into the vehicle.
  4. Begin your trip! 

How it works for driver-partners

  1. Once a driver partner reaches the top of the driver queue, they will receive an alert to head to the UberX pickup zone at T2.
  2. Once there a rider will be directed to their vehicle.
  3. Before entering the vehicle, the rider will provide the driver-partner with a unique 4-digit PIN code to enter into the driver app. 
  4. Once the PIN is confirmed, the trip can begin!