While much of the world stood still over the last year, our team at Uber has been reimagining how the world moves to help us return—not just to normal, but to a better normal. We’ve been busy innovating and building new products to help you and your family go where you want and get what you need, easier and faster than before. 

Ready to go?


GO get vaccinated with Uber and Walgreens: According to experts, the best thing you can do to stay healthy and help end the pandemic is get vaccinated. We know that by making it easier to get to and from their appointments, more people will get vaccinated. So we’re partnering with Walgreens to make getting that shot as easy as booking a ride with Uber. Starting today nationwide, with just the tap of a button, you can reserve a vaccine as well as your ride there, all through your Uber app.  

This new partnership builds on our work to expand access to the vaccine. We’ve committed 10 million free or discounted rides to help underserved and communities of color get to and from their appointments. And we’ve launched the Vaccine Access Fund alongside Walgreens, PayPal and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation to allow anyone to donate additional free rides to those in need. We’ve already raised more than $380,000 on top of initial contributions from the partner companies.

GO on a weekend trip with Uber Rent with Valet: Need a weekend getaway? Uber is there for you, even if you’re going out of town. Make it happen with Uber Rent, now available nationwide in the US. You can easily book a rental car from Avis, Budget, Hertz and dozens of other providers, right in your Uber app.

We’re also bringing the magic of Uber to the rental car experience with our new Valet option. With Valet, your rental car will be brought to your doorstep so you can hit the road sooner. And when you’re done, a driver will meet you to take the car back. No rental car counters, no lines, no schlepping. Uber Rent with Valet is launching in Washington, D.C., in May and expanding nationwide this year.

GO travel with Reserve for UberX and Airports: After a year of so much uncertainty, planning ahead means extra peace of mind. With Uber Reserve, you can tap a button and plan a ride up to 30 days in advance, request a favorite driver, and know you’re covered with our on-time guarantee: if your ride hasn’t arrived as scheduled, we’ll credit Uber Cash to your account.

We’re making the reservations experience even more affordable by expanding Reserve to UberX in hundreds of US cities and towns, and in more places nationwide this summer. And as travel returns, we’re launching Reserve in cities like Paris and London, as well as 20+ of the busiest airports in the US this spring. This means you’ll have added benefits such as flight tracking (so your driver is alerted about early arrivals and flight delays), up to 60 minutes of wait time once you land so you don’t need to rush, and curbside pickup so you can step off the plane knowing your ride is waiting.

GO and get more done by the hour: Hourly lets you book your ride by the hour, providing you with a single driver for your entire journey and unlimited stops along the way. Perfect for running errands, doing a little shopping, and meeting a friend across town—all in one trip. Today Hourly on Uber Black (and Premier) is available in more than a thousand US cities and towns. And we’re bringing Hourly to UberX and to thousands of new cities across the US, Europe, Latin America, Australia and India this summer.


Delivery is no longer a luxury but, for many consumers and businesses, a necessity. In 2020, Uber shifted gears to bring grocery, convenience, prescriptions, personal care, alcohol, and more local commerce into the Uber Eats app alongside restaurants. Since last spring, we’ve worked with more than one million merchants to help move more than 1.5 billion orders around the world. Now we’re helping to make delivery even easier.

GET it last minute with Pickup and Go: We’ve all been there: you’re in an Uber ride and you’re starving…what to do? Now, with Pickup and Go, you’ll see restaurants and merchants near your destination while you’re en route, so you can easily place an order for pickup. Whether it’s a bottle of Malbec or your favorite Pad Thai, you can effortlessly order, pay and pick up—all while you’re on the way.

GET it your way: Delivery has become part of our weekly routine. We all have our favorite places, top dishes, and specific requests (please hold the onions!). Today we’re announcing several delivery features that make it effortless to do delivery your way.

In addition to scheduling ahead, you can pre-order even if the store or restaurant is closed, so you’re at the front of the line when it opens. We’ve also enhanced flexibility with checkouts, so you can create multiple orders from different stores and restaurants and check out when you’re ready. Keep your running grocery list for the week while Taco Tuesday is being delivered. And, starting this spring in more than 20 cities around the world, you’ll be able to add items from a second merchant nearby at checkout—with no additional delivery fee—so you can get wings for the big game and paper towels for cleanup, all in one order. 

GET while you GO: When you’re heading home after a long flight, the last thing you want to think about is dinner. We’re making it even easier to cross items off your to-do list when you’re on an Uber trip. With timely reminders and prompts, you can get more done, more quickly.

Grocery run done—and already delivered—on the way home from the airport? Now that’s maximizing your down time.

Whether it’s coffee waiting for you at your morning meeting, or having dinner waiting for you at home, we’ve got you covered.

GET deals with Savings Hub: As people are more price conscious than ever, we’re introducing a new Savings Hub that will compile all of the offers, deals and discounts available to you in one place beginning in May. You can also track progress towards future discounts through restaurant loyalty programs. If you want to get without ever missing a deal, make the Savings Hub your first stop on Uber Eats. 

GET membership with Eats Pass: Pass membership was designed to help you unlock savings whenever you need a ride or want to order a meal. Today, we offer membership options in 16 countries, and as the world starts moving again we’ll be adding mobility benefits to Eats Pass in the US to give you more flexibility. For $9.99 a month, you’ll get $0 delivery fee on eligible restaurants, groceries, and alcohol orders, plus 5% off food orders. And beginning in early May, Eats Pass members can enjoy discounts on Rides as well, with 10% off 3 rides each month, in addition to existing member perks including special benefits and promotions. 

At Uber, we’re always innovating to meet your needs and make life a little bit more effortless. We can’t wait to help you go anywhere and get anything.