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Riding With Friends? Try UberXL in Dubai

March 29, 2019 / United Arab Emirates

Few things can match the experience of spending the day with your closest friends – and Dubai is an amazing city to spend that day. Whether it’s a shopping spree at the mall, a day soaking up the sun at the beach or a night out on the town, Dubai is at its best when your friends are by your side.

With UberXL, group travel plans are just one less thing you have to worry about. With seats for up to 6 people and extra luggage space, out super-sized Uber ride lets you focus on where you want to be and who you want with you rather than how you’re all going to get there.

UberXL Dubai

Take a group shopping spree

When you’re shopping for a new outfit for, getting the opinion of one of your friends is a good idea. Having five of them on hand to help you get the right look is even better. With UberXL, you and all your closest can head out to one of Dubai’s fantastic shopping destinations without the worry of finding parking or taking multiple cars. And by splitting the fare between 6 passengers instead of the usual 4, you can save some extra cash for that eventual shopping trip lunch break.

So, whether you’re at the gorgeous Moroccan-inspired Ibn Battuta Mall, or snapping up the bargains at the Dubai Outlet Mall, booking an UberXL with friends means more time shopping and less time driving.

Hit the slopes en-masse

Speaking of Malls, the Mall of the Emirates might be the only place you can buy designer ski-gear, test it out on the same day at the in-door Ski Dubai ski resort, and then spend your après-ski time on a sun-drenched beach.

With UberXL’s increased storage space, you won’t have to choose between skis and shopping bags. From boots to boutique items, you’re your luggage can fit comfortable along aside your friends. With the multiple destinations feature, you can even drop off your friends along the way home, or just drop off your ski gear or shopping on the way to dinner.

UberXL Dubai

Getting the band back together

Getting back together with friends for a fantastic meal and a catchup is one of life’s best experiences. Answering questions like “how are we getting there” and “where should I park” however are usually the hoops you have to jump through to enjoy those evenings.

Booking an Uber for 5 friends means you can do away with the logistics and just have fun. With multiple pick-ups, you can gather your friends along the way to one of Dubai elegant restaurants. Looks like the band is back together again!

There’s always room for more

Even if you are travelling by yourself, UberXL is there to help you overcome life’s more bulky problems. Do you have an early morning flight from Dubai Airport tomorrow and more suitcases than one person could ever carry? Book your UberXL in advance and you can rest assured it will be there on time, with more than enough space for your luggage to make your airport transfer stress-free.

UberXL Dubai

So, the next time you’re planning a get together with friends, a shopping trip for your family, or your next big holiday abroad, keep UberXL in mind to take care of the travel arrangements.