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Hidden Cities Dubai: Wathek

October 22, 2018 / Dubai

Discover the local fashion brand built by a skater kid.

Take a ride through the concrete jungle that inspired a young Algerian newcomer to find his place in an unfamiliar city.

From the hidden skate parks where he found a community of friends, to General.3am, the creative workspace in Dubai’s Design District where he brings his fashion brand to life, and onto his favorite fabric shops in Bur Dubai. The places that paved the way for a homegrown fashion brand might inspire you, too.

“As a kid I was always drawing and creating things, but it was just a hobby. Slowly I started meeting people through skating. Those friends are the people who made me think it’s possible to do your own thing.”

About Wathek Allal

Born to Algerian parents, Wathek and his family fled from his birthplace in Syria to Dubai when war broke out. Having been uprooted from his home of 15 years with nothing familiar around him, he discovered skating and found his way into a community that eventually made Dubai feel like home. Those same friends inspired him to start his own clothing brand. Stemming from a love for drawing and creating, he began making clothes for himself, then replicated the designs for friends who wanted their own pieces. This led to Wathek to create his first collection, which sold out in a matter of days, under his own label, Precious Trust.