Earn Double the Credit for Every Friend You Refer

October 5, 2016 / Dubai

Every Uber rider has a personal invite code which can get them endless free rides. The better news is – starting from today, for a limited period, your invite code has doubled in value to give you and a friend who hasn’t tried Uber 2 free rides; it’s win-win for all.

Whether it’s a friend that always jumps in their friend’s Uber but never their own, your colleague who starts the day complaining about their long commute and limited parking spots, or a parent that still only uses their smartphone for calls – sharing Uber with others just got twice as nice!

We’re doubling the referral bonus this month – Limited period only

How to earn free rides?

  1. Download or open the Uber app
  2. Head to the ‘Free Rides’ tab to find your personal invite code
  3. For every friend who signs up and rides using your invite code, you each get 2 free rides (AED40 per ride)
  4. Promotional period valid through end of month
  5. Free rides expire after 3 months of applying the code

More Details:

  1. Sign up to Uber with the credit card or cash option
  2. Want to personalize your invite code? Login to your Uber account at

The double referral bonus is valid for 1 month only – after October 31st, referring a friend will get you 1 free ride instead of 2 and you can score as many free rides as you want.

Questions? Get in touch via the help tab on your app or Twitter.

Team Uber Dubai