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Introducing Uber Pro

Uber Pro is a rewards program that recognizes outstanding drivers, to help you reach your goals—on and off the road.

How it works

Earn points

Drive with Uber to earn points. Some trips may earn you more points than others. See more details in the Driver app.

Offer quality service to riders

In addition to earning points, you must maintain certain ratings to earn Gold, Platinum, and Diamond rewards. The requirements vary by region. Please check the Driver app for more information.

Get rewards

The higher the status you earn, the more rewards you unlock. Your status is determined based on your points and quality ratings over a fixed 3-month period.

Quality service to riders unlocks more rewards

Rewards are given based on how you use the Driver app. To unlock Gold, Platinum, and Diamond status and continue receiving rewards, you must earn points and maintain certain ratings. To get more information, tap the menu icon in the Driver app, then tap Uber Pro and the right arrow near the top of the screen.

Uber Pro benefits

Uber Pro benefits





Discount on vehicles with KIA and FORUM

Catholic University online course discounts

Discounts and priority access at SGS technical inspection facilities

Discounts on financial products Destácame

Discount on a Movistar plan

Discount on fuel at Petrobras Gas Stations

Prepaid bank account and Superdigital discount card

Exclusive discounts on car rentals with

Exclusive 24h phone support

Preferential app support

Trips with VIP users

User app recognition

Learn a language with Rosetta Stone

Additional destination

Know the duration of the trip*

Priority at selected airports*

Earn points and enjoy rewards during fixed 3-month periods

You earn points during fixed 3-month periods. Points reset after each period.

When you earn enough points to unlock the next status of rewards, you start enjoying your new rewards right away. Keep your rating high and cancellation rate low to continue enjoying rewards until the end of the next 3-month period.

Peak hours

Drivers will be able to generate up to 3 points for trips made during the established additional promotional point hours.

Monday to Thursday

7 am - 9 pm 4 pm - 7 pm


7 am - 9 am

4 pm - 11:59 pm


8 am - 10 am

4 pm - 7 pm


3 pm - 9 pm

See terms and conditions.

To facilitate your participation in the Uber Pro program, Uber will process certain personal data, as described in more detail above, to calculate your tier status. If you elect to activate a reward offered by a third party provider, Uber will share your name and contact details to improve the sign up process and confirm your tier status. The third party provider may collect additional data during their sign up process, and independently inform you thereof.

The third party rewards provider will act as the data controller for your personal data it receives from Uber on your behalf and that it collects to provide you with the rewards. We encourage you to read their privacy policy. Uber will be the data controller for the personal data it processes to calculate your tier status and send you updates of your tier status and rewards. For more information, and to learn about your privacy rights, please visit this webpage with more information and read our Privacy Policy. You are able to opt-out of this programme. Full details of how to do so can be found in the Uber Pro Terms.

See program terms and conditions.

See benefit terms and conditions.