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Information about back-to-back deliveries

With the back-to-back deliveries feature in the app, you can earn more and wait less. The app will send you another delivery request while you complete your existing delivery. Find out how it works.

Looking for driving info?

The basics of back-to-back deliveries

Spend less time waiting and more time earning with this smart feature in the app.

Spotlight on the app feature

After a few days using the Driver app, you may start getting new requests while you’re still dropping off an order. With back-to-back requests, you can reach your goals faster. If you accept a delivery request, the dark blue line shows your current route. When you get a new pickup, a light blue line will appear on your screen.

Done for the day or need a rest?

You can swipe up and tap on the hand button below to stop requests at any time.

Questions from delivery partners

  • There’s nothing you need to do to enable back-to-back trip requests. They’ll begin to appear automatically.

  • Most delivery partners begin seeing these trips in their app within a few days of driving or delivering.

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