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How referrals work

The basics of referrals

1. To invite people you know to sign up for Uber, share your invite code, which you can find in your app.

2. You can track your friends’ progress in the Driver app. We’ll also follow up with an email to keep you posted on their status.

3. Earn a reward if your friend completes a certain number of trips and meets all other conditions. The required number of trips and referral reward amount vary by city. You can find details on potential rewards for each invitee in the Driver app, once your friend signs up.

4. After your friend completes the specified number of trips and satisfies the requirements of the referral offer, you'll see a reward added to your account, and it will appear in your statement the following week.

How to invite friends in a few simple steps

1. Go to your Driver app and tap the menu icon.

2. Tap Earnings > Invite and earn > Learn more.

3. Tap Select from contacts, then choose a contact and tap Send invites.


Checking in with your friend

Helping your friend

Sharing on social media

Questions from delivery partners