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Together, we can reinvent app-based work

You changed the way the world moves. Now you can help change the way it works.

You deserve a better way to work

The past year has been incredibly difficult for rideshare and delivery workers. COVID-19 has changed the way we all think about work. But more importantly, it has refocused attention on Canada’s unfair labour system in which some workers get benefits and protections while others do not.

We believe a better way to work is possible, offering flexibility when you want it and support when you need it.

By advocating for change with governments, we can set a new standard that combines the freedom of independent work with new benefits and protections.

In a recent survey, most of you said you need the flexibility that Uber provides in your work. We don’t only want to acknowledge this fact—we’re making it the foundation of our plan for the future.

We believe you deserve better. Now we’re stepping up to fight for it.


5 ways to improve work for you

In order to raise the standard for app-based work for all, government and business need to work together. That’s why we created a proposal to help people who earn through app-based work receive more security, protection, and transparency.

Advocating to government for benefits and protections

Self-directed benefits funds

We believe that all rideshare and food delivery apps should offer more support by contributing money to individual benefits funds, which you can then spend on a benefit of your choosing, such as:


  • Paid time off (for leisure, sickness, caring for or supporting family)
  • Health, vision, or dental insurance plans
  • Tuition and education expenses
  • Retirement savings

Enhanced worker protections

We believe that all rideshare and food delivery apps should be able to provide additional training and tools to help you feel safe and protected while driving or delivering.

Leading the way on change

Improving worker representation

We’re committed to engaging more with drivers and delivery people so that everyone on our platform feels better represented.

Improving earnings transparency

We want to help make earnings more transparent going forward. That means finding ways to give drivers and delivery people greater insight into earnings data so they know how much they can expect to earn based on when and how often they drive.

Investing in lifelong learning

We’re developing opportunities and making investments to support drivers and delivery people in lifelong learning.

Help us improve app-based work

We can’t do it without you

Your feedback is crucial to making sure app-based work works better for all. Help us improve our proposal by giving us your thoughts.

Show your support

We know this proposal is just a first step. In order to improve app-based work, we need the help of government, the rideshare and food delivery industries, and you.

If you support our ideas, help us by signing this petition.