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Reasons to ride

Together with MADD Canada, we want to remind you that just because you drove to the party, doesn’t mean you need to drive home.

No matter how you get home, Uber and MADD Canada are proud supporters of all rides that get you there safely.

“I’m the least drunk of my friends.” “I only had a couple of drinks.” “I need my car in the morning.”

Excuses like these have resulted in many impaired driving crashes. Yet a bus, train, subway, or ride requested through Uber is always right around the corner. So stop looking for a reason to drive when there are so many reasons to ride.

A partnership that protects

Despite the fact that it has never been easier to get a ride home, on average, up to 4 people a day are killed in crashes involving alcohol and/or drugs.¹ Together with MADD Canada, we’re working to bring that number to zero.

Thank your local heroes

With thousands of Uber driver-partners on the road, you’re always surrounded by reasons to ride. So the next time you ride after a couple of drinks, show your appreciation with a Late Night Hero compliment, or even a personal thank you note.

“Thanks for getting me home safe and sound.”

-Rider note to Ikenna, Ottawa driver

“I appreciate the great and safe ride tonight, thank you!”

-Rider note to Kashif, Toronto driver

“Thanks for being a lifesaver!”

-Rider note to Eloge, Montreal driver

Your safety is our priority

  1. View statistics here.